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A Young Widow and a Horse

After I bought Gigi I boarded her a local facility outside of town. I was there almost every single day. It was the highlight of my days and it just didn’t feel complete until I at least checked on her. 410 more words


Not Many Words

Lately I have had trouble finding the words to describe the way I feel. Mainly I am focusing on getting my homemade presents in order and my little brother’s visit that my mind hasn’t started nagging me about the “first” Christmas without Matt. 235 more words


Ashes won't choke the fire I have

Today officially marks the one year of the beginning of this journey. George passed on November 25th, 2013 and on December 7th was his funeral and the day I received his ashes. 626 more words


So now that I’m over a year out from when George died, there’s a lot that has changed. I’m a part of these widow groups online and it’s really hard for me to read about these women who are posting heartbreaking recounts of how lost they are just weeks and months out. 425 more words


I am sitting on my dads couch watching the flames dancing in the fireplace when another “after shock” hits me. My mind flickers the cold hard truth through my body, Matt is not here. 673 more words



Matt had the most beautiful eyes. I would often say their colour made the ocean jealous. They would change from a blue-green colour to a gorgeous blue with yellow rays shooting out from the iris depending on the colour of shirt he was wearing or his mood. 643 more words

Young Widow

Letting Box go

The prospect of interring your spouse is a bit like being asked to sleep with Prince Charles. In a way, it should be a great honour, but you’d give anything not to have to do it. 325 more words

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