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George wants me to smile

For the last 3 and a half days I’ve been incredibly sick. Fevers hovering between 100.8-102.3, some serious stuff that have my organs working overtime. Which reminds me one of George’s favorite bands was XTC. 617 more words

And, an embrace.

The day before Sean was transferred to the ICU, we woke up in the morning around the usual time- when the nurses change shifts and the new nurse for the day comes in to check vitals. 480 more words

Gut-her Press

This past fortnight, I’ve had a tiny taste of what it must feel like to be Cheryl Cole. Or Beyoncé. Or any of those Kardashians who can’t seem to fart without international derision. 243 more words

95 DAYS – FEBRUARY 18, 2013

Dear Dan,

The medium on Saturday was either really good or a complete scam. I’d love to believe you were there and are with me always but it’s hard. 428 more words

92 DAYS – FEBRUARY 15, 2013

Dear Dan,

Happy Valentines Day (yesterday). The day was not as shitty as expected. But only because I know we probably wouldn’t have made a big deal out of it. 93 more words

8 Months Widowed

Bodie was pressed against my chest this morning in just the most perfect and warm way. His head was resting on the pillow with mine, just underneath my chin and his soft fur around his ears brushed against my neck. 371 more words


So I have noticed some things about trying to date or even making new friends- some people can handle me being a widow and some just can’t. 563 more words