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Matt had the most beautiful eyes. I would often say their colour made the ocean jealous. They would change from a blue-green colour to a gorgeous blue with yellow rays shooting out from the iris depending on the colour of shirt he was wearing or his mood. 643 more words

Young Widow

Letting Box go

The prospect of interring your spouse is a bit like being asked to sleep with Prince Charles. In a way, it should be a great honour, but you’d give anything not to have to do it. 325 more words

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Last Kiss

Last year on this day, George slipped into a coma. The last time he would kiss me back and respond to me was today. I’ve been thinking about how sweet he was even until the end. 301 more words

The Ransom

In 7 days George dies.

My world froze in time and a geyser of misery erupted. The pain and disorientation consumed my days and left me trying to stanch the flow in any way possible. 262 more words

Holiday Season

The Holiday season keeps drawing closer and while I am busy preparing myself for our travel back to California, I have heart flutters when I think about spending the first Thanksgiving with my Dad’s side of the family in over 5 years. 852 more words

Young Widow

Beginning of the end

A year ago today, I had just finished walking Bodie and as I stepped out of the apartment complex I saw George walking back in. I was befuddled on why he wasn’t at work considering he left an hour or so ago. 103 more words

Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Goes The Widow

I’ve been filling in at the library I worked at when John died these last few weeks and it has been a good change of pace for me. 1,270 more words