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I'm not getting better

Exactly one year ago it was a warm September evening. I had my first practice of the 2013-2014 season with my lacrosse team from 430-630 at Drew University. 313 more words

102 DAYS – FEBRUARY 25, 2013

Dear Dan,

I stayed at the house this Friday. It’s hard to describe how I feel there. It was our home…full of memories…but it’s just so weird without you. 208 more words

98 DAYS – FEBRUARY 21, 2013

I’m back. I’d apologies for the hiatus but pretty sure almost no one is reading this. So really I’m apologizing to myself.

I feel like I’ve been pushing Dan away. 223 more words

Day 51: if at first you don't succeed, figure out if it is really worth trying again

I got to thinking last night that maybe I was playing up the difficulty of going to work too much and it was in my head that it would really be that hard. 368 more words

Day 50: bills

In the BDH times (Before Dead Husband), I was pretty on top of our bills. I always had them paid in a reasonable time, was never short money, and had even allocated a static amount from every paycheck to my husband for him to do with whatever he wanted, no questions asked. 227 more words

Day 49: "happy" birthday

Today is my 36th birthday. My husband and I had birthdays that were ten days apart so we used to refer to September as birthday season. 527 more words

Day 48: reflections

When I decided to write this blog, I had two specific goals. The first was to honor my husband’s wishes and get back to writing. If I am honest with myself, that is why, for the time being anyway, I make the time each day to write a post. 452 more words