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The best day of my life happened a year ago

Last year, on this day, George and I drove out to Canton, Connecticut to Bridge Street Live for our wedding reception. It was a 6 hour wedding reception with a live 80s cover band, White Wedding. 316 more words

Swim Again

I wanted to share a poem that inspired this writing. Every time I read the poem I imagine Matt saying this to me, especially when my day has been rather rotten. 726 more words


My Grounding Forces

Another first is looming like a dark cloud over my head. My daughter will be turning 2 on Wednesday and it will be her first without her Dad. 733 more words


God in Action

Sometimes I get emotional in church. It usually happens when I’m singing or listening to the pastor preach about God being faithful, staying with us through difficult times and learning to trust in Him. 741 more words

Me...A Widow?

Without getting to far into my past, I’ll give a brief history of the previous 5.5 years. I was living in Sydney, Australia with my soul mate, Matthew. 451 more words


The new guy

So I haven’t really documented any dates recently. I’ve had plenty of atrocious ones, and some things just come to a screeching halt, but the unthinkable has happened: Im seeing someone. 328 more words

Working out the grief

I have gone through a wealth of different emotions since George passed. I feel manic at times, and then spiral into these bottomless holes of depression. 461 more words