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Day 36: feathers

When it was on the air, I was a huge X-Files fan, an X-Phile if you would. I even kept watching after David Duchovny left the show trying to convince myself it was still good. 289 more words

Day 34: a big wad of nothing

I’m backsliding. I have been trying so hard to be positive, to squint to see a hint of dawn in this moonless, starless night. I’m not able to do it. 161 more words

Day 33: exhaustion

I think I may have gotten to the point where I need to go to the doctor and get something to help me sleep. It is the oddest feeling to be so close to falling over from exhaustion yet so unable to give into sleep. 104 more words

Day 32: 1000 oceans

Today has probably been the day I have cried the most since the first week. If I wasn’t sobbing and screaming in despair, my eyes were just silently leaking tears. 231 more words

Day 31: one month

On this anniversary it would be very easy to let myself wallow in my misery, but instead I’m going to list out 31 of the positives that have happened over the last 31 days. 878 more words

Day 30: scaling Mt. Everest

I’ve had some speed bumps lately. Actually, they aren’t even speed bumps, they are the even less steep speed humps. But for me in my current state of broken mind, they feel like a mountain that only the most skilled and prepared experts would dare to attempt to climb. 306 more words

Day 28: four weeks

It is hard to believe it has been four weeks for completely opposite reasons. First, time has slowed to an uncomfortable, never ending crawl. I feel like if I spent my days watching the hands of a clock tick by the hands would stutter in protest with every single move. 670 more words