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How Did She Do It? - Coping & Moving Forward

Do you remember when I first told you about Holls?


Holls was my best friend when I was fifteen years old. Her real name was Holly, but everyone that she had considered to be a friend had called her Holls. 905 more words


Six Options for Singles Video Clip

“…those of you who are single, particularly single women, have six options: sin, surrender, settle, suffer, strive, or solace. If you’re single and struggling with your singleness, know that the Jesus that you’re talking to is a Jesus who understands.” 106 more words


A Generation of Women Using Youtube As A Platform For Awareness

Millennial women are responsible for a growing trend on Youtube where they openly share their struggles to encourage audiences in a positive way, rather than use it for self-promotion. 524 more words

Top 10: Hollywood’s little women

Mark Cousins’s The Story of Film: An Odyssey took film theory to another level; his encyclopedic film knowledge and poetic storyteller narration layered on top of history’s most iconic movie moments bridges the creator/critic divide, making it an essential 15 hours of viewing for any film fan. 112 more words


Why Young Women Are Choosing Small Dogs Over Babies

The New York Post, for what it’s worth, recently reported that more young women are choosing small dogs over babies. According to the report, “More and more US women are forgoing motherhood and getting their maternal kicks by owning handbag-size canines.” Furthermore, the  452 more words

Young Women Under Attack

In a world of constant pressure to be perfect (whatever that means) many young women feel pressured feel the need to not be themselves. Just look at any magazine rack and the pressure to be thin or have a certain body type. 128 more words


"Less Guilt, More Joy!" – Valdi - By Kate Maurice

Working as a mentor supervisor I enjoy a position with the unique perspective of 28 young women ranging in age from 13-18 years old. I see many sides of these young women as we grow to know each other. 617 more words