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Post for Mamamia.com.au - go read it!

Hi friends!

Tonight I was published on Mamamia.com.au

I wrote a post about the current Muslim experience in an anti-terror climate. Click here to read it… 20 more words


Hundreds Touched by Forgiving for Living’s 3rd Annual Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Conference

The cheerful voices of hopeful young women filled the second floor of the Radisson Hotel as over one-hundred celebrated ‘Forgiving for Living Inc.’s’ 3rd Annual Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Conference. 874 more words

HER Dreams

There are more dreams
in the minds of young women
than stars that dot the black Ethiopian sky.

One dreams of the healing arts,
another of justice and human rights. 117 more words


"You've got a warm heart, you've got a beautiful brain, but its disintegrating..." Or, On my love affair with music.

I met someone the other day who told me she “didn’t really listen to music.” I’ve been perplexed about it ever since.

To me, my favorite bands, artists, howlers, screamers, and crooners are the ones who seem to understand all my troubles despite having never met me. 344 more words


Compulsory Sexual Assault Workshops

News emerged last week that Oxford and Cambridge are introducing sexual assault workshops to their curricula, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Maria Marcello writes about this in  1,048 more words

"It'll be fine in a second" by Sasha at the Library

Thursday September 25, 2014
5 minutes
From Jess’ lamp speech

One of the girls shrieks and many of the women on the subway car (all of the women on the subway car, save one, who grew up in the country and never went through this particular phase in this particular way) who are over twenty five (and a few who are under, yes, wiser than their years, I was, in some ways, yes) feel a pang of agony at the loudness and the shrillness and the too-tight dresses. 74 more words

The Table

Throughout my life, I’ve loved older things. Antiques, old books…my favorite posession is a tiny, first edition book of poems by Oscar Wilde that is so beautifully fragile and gorgeous that I rarely touch it. 306 more words