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Simone Battle Foundation Startup by Jade McGee - GoFundMe

In September, a tragedy befell the Battle/Morgan family with the sudden loss of their beloved, Simone Battle.  In honor of Simone’s legacy and work, the Simone Battle Foundation has been created by my dear friend, Jade McGee, with the mission to empower young women to embrace and realize their dreams.   32 more words


What's driving the new sexism?

Originally published in the New Statesman

“Rape, rape, rape.” Last week saw news of police investigating a group of young men, believed to be members of Cambridge’s drinking society The Wyverns, who had been videoed chanting this… 877 more words


Oh my Honeys.

In March, I packed up everything, took my favorite pieces of furniture, shoved my jewelry business in a suitcase, forcefully removed my dog, and moved to Saint Augustine to live alone for the first time in my entire life. 717 more words


Deciding that louder awareness is greater than quiet praise, and why I don't read the comments.

Let’s start with this: I know I put myself and my story out there. I 100% acknowledge that I, very willingly, shared with media outlets big and small my decision to have preventative surgery and my journey since. 844 more words

"Because I can hardly see what's in front of me these days, and those days, too

Mid-way through this whirlwind week, where I have worked 15 hours daily for five out of past 7, I have a tiny moment of rest to settle myself and maybe finally come to terms with what I’m doing. 101 more words



Recently, in a wine-and-Netflix induced state, I scoured the Internet for rings. Now, I haven’t expressed my passion for rings a lot on the blog but, I have one. 187 more words

Tiff And Coco

Halloween Preview

 For the first time in a long time, I’ve decided to dress up this year. Being as I haven’t really dressed up for Halloween since college, I wanted to do something super creative, but cute this year. 93 more words

Tiff And Coco