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Wake-up Call

In spite of all of the challenges the 2008-09 Recession has caused businesses, it has been a wake-up call for many – a call to action, a call for change, a call for survival, and, unfortunately for some, a call to bunker down. 414 more words


Comes with fries: McDonald's aims to hire more than 6,000

TORONTO – McDonald’s Canada and its franchisees are set to hire more than 6,000 young people at a one-day event on Thursday at participating restaurants across the country. 142 more words


America's young workers: Destined for failure?

Thomas A. Kochan,  CNN Money

We’ve all heard the message from our parents: If you work hard, get a good education, and play by the rules, you will do well in life. 346 more words


This is a Gender Issue?

Hillary Crosley recently penned a post for Jezebel entitled, “Feminist Battle: Are You Privileged Enough to Get Some Sleep?

My question: why is this a feminist battle? 173 more words

Social Issues

Coup de pouce européen en faveur des jeunes

Avec plus d’un jeune européen sur cinq au chômage, l’Union européenne (UE) a fait de l’insertion de sa jeunesse une priorité. Pour venir en aide aux 15-24 ans en difficulté, la mise en place d’une “garantie pour la jeunesse” – offrir à chaque jeune de moins de 25 ans un emploi de qualité, une formation continue, un apprentissage ou un stage dans les quatre mois suivant la fin de sa scolarité ou la perte de son emploi – constitue un nouveau dispositif phare. 1,347 more words


Young Entrepreneurs

In the aftermath of the crisis, youth unemployment rates have reached new heights across Europe. In January 2014, 23.4% of young Europeans were without a job. 1,101 more words


a BLUE month

Sometime last month (or was it last year) I noticed we NEEDed to paint our buildings.  They were looking shabby and needed their paint evened out. 293 more words