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Waiting To Be Discovered

While the current unemployment/underemployment environment for college graduates is worrisome, it is not unprecedented when looking at historic trends. The November 1, 2014 Current Issues in Economics and Finance, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, provides an in-depth discussion of the fallacy of focusing on the current recession as the cause for these challenging times for recent college graduates. 345 more words


Economic Growing Pains

Claiming that “growing the economy” is the solution all problems is not, in fact, entirely untrue. It does however simplify a range of macroeconomic factors, both domestically and globally to a three word answer you can defend your political position with. 638 more words


It's Either A Promotion Or I Quit

Young workers and their loyalty toward their employers have been the main focus in a new LinkedIn study, revealing that the majority of us have a sense of entitlement when it comes to our jobs. 577 more words

Are Australians Working To Live Or Living To Work?

At the YCW, we’ve had many discussions about work-life balance and the impact it has on us as individuals. At our recent National Council we established that ‘work-life balance’ was at the top of the list of concerns for young people based on the data collected from our national survey. 799 more words

AYCW National Campaign Launch

“Come, follow me” - Matthew 4:18-22

Today marked the official launch of the AYCW National Campaign – “Culture in the Workplace“.

This National Council and the success of our new National Campaign marks the beginning of a new and exciting era for the AYCW, as well as the marker of a new beginning for a few of our members whom sadly from today, will be leaving us. 410 more words