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Brain Dump!

So this is my first blog post that I’m writing in this website. I really look forward to keep doing it :D

I am pretty young. 206 more words


Micha: really not an easy life....


Name: Micha

Gender: female

Age: d-o-b: ~Jan 2012

Size: small (6kg, 35cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated,

Story, Personality, Others:
Micha appeared when someone threw her over the wall into someone’s garden. 180 more words


Traffic-tation, Meditation

Being stuck in Southern Californian traffic in the early morning is the perfect time for meditation. You’re in a perfect position to detach from your busy life because you can do absolutely nothing about it while stuck in the middle of an automobile storm. 675 more words


It makes you stronger

It’s true. What struggles you face today or what challenges you face today will make you stronger in the future.


22 OCT 2014: Jung Joon Young Transformation into a Defiant High School Student

Because I woke up with this photo and liked it too, here’s some insights on what it is all about. First, let me do the intro from another article posted yesterday. 564 more words

Jung Joon Young

Ever feel like you could go back in time..

Sat here thinking, god I wish I could go back in time and re live some things that I massively regret. But that is what life brings to us I guess. 244 more words

On Being "Too Old"

Not OLD, but “too old”.  I guess it’s somewhat of a handicap, starting a new career in your forties.  So when you hit your sixties, you feel like you’re just hitting your stride.   501 more words