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The Best Youngevity Business Membership Options

Posted by getyour90.com

Besides sharing health and getting encouraged about feeding our body proper nutrition there are monetary benefits and rewards of having your own business within Youngevity. 127 more words


Mime Promotes Awesome Business

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I won’t bore you with long drawn out details about how the mime really likes to promote but yes it’s true, I have a mime who periodically shows up in my business.   193 more words


Dr. Wallach and Youngevity

Posted by Getyour90.com

A friend of mine had asked me to “see what I could find out online” about a guy named Dr. Wallach. For some reason I wasn’t much interested. 238 more words


Autoship: Great for Shipping Youngevity Favorites!

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If you are finding you are enjoying Youngevity products, or just want to add a product or two to your life each month, autoship is a great option to get it shipped to you—without paying the usual shipping costs.   109 more words


Health and Supplements: Does the Amount Really Make a Difference?

I want to begin by sharing a story. My 88-year-old dad is semi-open to using natural supplements, although if the doctor tells him to use a drug, he will take it, usually without question! 640 more words


Wrestling with A-Fib

Atrial fibrillation (also referred to as  A-fib) is a common type of irregular heartbeat, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be scary. 250 more words

90 For Life-Wellness Wednesday: Youngevity Smoothie

To Kick of the 90 Day For Life Challenge, I am making my favorite smoothie.  This smoothie features The Healthy Body Start Pak™.

This Pack features 90 Essential vitamins and minerals. 220 more words