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What is Creative Memories?

Creative Memories has filed for bankruptcy twice and their liquidation sale took place September 23-24. So, what is Creative Memories? There seems to be a lot of confusion on this point. 164 more words

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Healthy Food: Heinz Ketchup. Does “All-Natural” Mean Anything?

Earlier this year I did a series of newsletter articles explaining what the different labels on our foods actually mean. If you would like to access the copies, … 423 more words


The big white elephant sitting in the middle of our country…

For decades now, adults and children in the U.S. have struggled with the same health concern that only seems to be getting worse; obesity. Obesity rates have increased drastically over the last four decades. 522 more words

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What's Your Vitamin B-12?


Many multi-vitamins you find over-the-counter include the vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) but did you know that a more superior quality of B-12 is Methylcobalamin?  This is one reason I was excited to join Youngevity and promote Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0.   74 more words


What Youngevity Products should I promote?


There are at least 400+ products from Youngevity  which begs the question, because there are many products, which should I promote?  I enjoy promoting 2 or three (or more) products I use and love.   118 more words


Health and Nutrition: Your Body is Sending You Messages – Are You Listening?

All too often we consider “symptoms” as annoying or alarming and do our level best to shut them down – as quickly as possible! But what I would like you to consider is that symptoms are your body’s language! 380 more words