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Mascara can be as additictive as Crack - seriously

My name is Chaya and I am a Mascara Addict. Yes it’s true, I absolutely love Mascara, transforming my droopy, stumpy little lashes into long beauties. 479 more words


The Road to Black Status--The Story of Lauren Pipak

The Road to Black Status–The Story of Lauren Pipak
Black-Status Presenter #3321
Longview, Texas
Sponsor: Whitney Husband

I’ve met Lauren a couple times. The first time I met her was in December at a Presenter photo shoot in preparation for our Spring catalog. 505 more words


Why I love Younique?

Looking back at my life most of my decisions turned out to be very beneficial. it seems I do not make them very rationally, I use my intuition most of the time. 599 more words


BmB adores Youngique's 3D Lashes.. xx

One of my first blog posts was ‘To lash or not to lash…?!’.  Even at the beginning of my writing career I knew a topic of interest for woman was the age old question how to attain the full lash look..? 927 more words


Mummy starts making up

Ok, so I’ve completely changed my makeup and beauty products to an all natural one and the results are that FINALLY at the age of 34 I no longer have a pimply face. 341 more words


Younique has finally launched

So after a whole year of working on the launch I’m thrilled to announce its here in the UK! We start selling 1st November!

So what’s the story?! 286 more words


Smile!! It's the best medicine

Best part of this is its free. Have you ever been in one of  those moods and came out of it just by someones small gesture.   125 more words