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Stand up or sit down, conspiracies coming true.

With all the in-your-face political insanity happenings these days, it’s becoming a harder pill to swallow. It is scary enough to use public restrooms in the first place but now with all the open surveillance and cameras in the sky it just makes it that much worse. 478 more words

How To Be A Good Little Citizen

Your rights are special privileges that the Government gives you, so shut the fuck up and keep watching the television and talk about nothing other than x factor.

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To Vote or not to Vote. ..that is the question!

Good morning! It’s Tuesday, Nov 4th and your last chance to vote.
I used to be so excited when voting time came around. This was my chance to put my opinions of who I think would make the best candidate to oversee all the important tasks that I think are important. 93 more words


Your Rights - What You Need to Know

Here is what you need to know about the Insurance Process:

  1. At the “Scene of the Accident”

    • Collect Information! In order to file an insurance claim, you will need lots of information and there may be no other chance to gather it after you leave the scene of the accident.
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Your Rights