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Open Letter to Roy Ngerng

Open Letter to Roy Ngerng

Dear Roy


I have been reading your blogs, particularly the ones on CPF, and I should say that it has opened my eyes. 2,217 more words

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5 Major Facts about Singapore that every Singaporean should understand

Lately there has been an ongoing trend of Singaporeans lashing out at the government, voicing out unhappiness and dissatisfaction. We saw a article of how we are ranked in the top most expensive cities, we had Roy Ngerng causing a huge stir about the CPF system, we had photo comparisons of what a 3-room flat in Bishan can be like a bungalow in Pennsylvania. 1,705 more words

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Repost on SgHardtruth reblogged this and commented:

5) No explanation needed https://theinfluencermedia.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/singapore-river.jpg https://theinfluencermedia.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/1_marina_bay_night_2012.jpg Our government has transformed Singapore from 3rd-world kampung island to 1st-world global recognized state in a matter of 40 odd years. If you can’t even appreciate this fact, it’s time to do some self-reflection of whether you can do a better job in their shoes, if we reset time to 1965.

Remembering MH17 and sending our love from a Primary 3 class in Singapore.

Overheard from   Matthew Zachary Liu
18 Jun 2014

Something really special and touching happened during the primary 3 class that I taught today.. it happened as we talked about MH17. 911 more words

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To those "experts" who are so unhappy with this little red dot

Overheard from Serene

Each time I hear Singaporean expressed dissatisfaction of our country to the point of deprecating; I can’t help feeling sad while at the same time I just wonder…. 348 more words

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Thanks for 12k CandyAtics!

I couldn’t have done it without you!
OMG! I started as such a small blog that nobody read but you guys helped get to where I am! 69 more words



You may have noticed something odd with the title to this week’s blog, and no you did not stumble on to a blog about L337 (LEET) speak. 468 more words


Most People Are Hypocrites and So Am I

Hypocritical behavior is to be expected of people. “Do as I say and not as I do.”

That includes me and you. Don’t deny it. You tell your kids not to watch too much TV. 954 more words