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Blogging about blogging: not something I want to make a habit of....

I do not fully understand the culture of “following” blogs. Of the 22 people following this blog (as of this writing), I suspect fewer than 6 of them have actually read one of my posts all the way through.  317 more words


4 Holiday Gifts That Everyone Is Tired Of

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when people whine about how many people in our lives are important enough to us that we are obligated to give them gifts. 292 more words


You Are Doing It Really Wrong

Pretty sure when it comes to wasting time, which today for me is in short supply, I love nothing more than browsing memes, always good for a laugh, and no doubt speaks to lack of vision as to the creators’ probably noble intentions of making a pretty much world wide web. 546 more words


No, I will not help Sundog make a documentary on trans "regret"

This afternoon I received an unsolicited email in my work account from an employee of Sundog Pictures. An excerpt follows:

I’m currently working on an idea alongside Channel 4 following transgender individuals who have come to regret their sex changes and are keen to undergo further treatment / operations to reverse the change.

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