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Problems with SPSS survey weights

Here are t-scores and p-values from a set of t-tests that I recently conducted in SPSS and in Stata:

Group 1 unweighted
t = 1.082 in SPSS (p = 0.280) 303 more words

You're Doing It Wrong

Happy Trails (and not the fun kind)

I have problems with buses. Lots of problems. They probably started in elementary school when I had to take the school bus and Anthony wouldn’t let me sit next to my best friend. 582 more words

Reality Check

My Boss Says "No Social Media"

Why Your Company is Losing Market Share

Because you’re not in front of the market if you’re not promoting your company through social networks. Let’s take a bunch of excuses and debunk them. 812 more words

You're Doing It Wrong

"Believe" Didn't Convert Me: Pilot Episode Full of Cliched Plot Lines and Genre Stereotypes

When I first heard about Believe, NBC’s new sci-fi drama, I had high hopes for a show about a young girl growing into her incredible powers and becoming a force for good in the world. 828 more words

Movies And TV

Ben Radford is wrong about everything

About a week ago, CFI’s head scumbag Ben Radford wrote whatever this is. There is almost nothing good I can say about this article, other than I suppose it demonstrates competent use of the English language. 1,611 more words


Flash photography: Know when to use flash and when to turn it off

My friend Wasim Ahmad, who runs the Journographica blog, just shared a handy little piece on how misguided photographers often are in their use of flash and tips for how not to needlessly blind your subjects and waste your battery with it. 53 more words