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Love Movement

There is a love shift supervening, beside your closest margins.

In the very dearth you stroll upon,

the dross of air you breathe.

The blithe form you move in and out of. 162 more words




There comes a point where, sallow eyes…we gaze into the stare of that which shifts us to stone.

We calmly peer onward , seeing all that lies beyond .    183 more words


An Update

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m starting a new blog — a new identity with less exposure to people I know in my real life (and, by that I mean the people that I’ve met, or know well). 238 more words

Yours Truly

Light of the Shadows...power that befalls you

On the occasion of every accident that befalls you, remember to turn yourself and inquire what power you have for turning it to use.

One knows not the power they occupy…lest one forget the forces which they control. 151 more words


A Break and A Slight Move

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I didn’t enter the blogging business for money, or for followers, or to win any kind of competition. When I started blogging on LiveJournal, way back in 2004, my entries were mostly of the “Dear Diary” sort, along with the occasional musing. 827 more words

Yours Truly

Ask the Mountains

If ever may come a time…

Where you doubt the very ground you walk upon.

If ever may come a time,

where you doubt those around you… 99 more words


Lovely Head

At some brief point,

in the animation of human guise…

we displace a large segment, of the design of flight to fight.

So we lead with a semblance of civility… 45 more words