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Kansas Kickball Heroes Bring Awareness and Dollars for Permanent Homes for Foster Kids

The cause of foster children in need of adoption is serious, and the need is great.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while lending a helping foot. 74 more words

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WA Legalizes Pot, but Ditches Fostercare Reform - What are They Smoking?

SINCE 2004, Washington’s foster-care system has been under the thumb of a legally binding reform plan, and accompanying oversight. The state now seeks to escape this vital scrutiny without finishing the job, even as it asks for the public to trust its commitment. 14 more words

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Across Borders, Foster Care Youth Ask: What's Missing?

Alumni of foster care in Seattle and Tokyo believe systems in each country could gain from the voices of young people.

When David Inglish was first displaced from his biological family and put into foster care, he asked the police officer who was taking him to the social welfare office, “What happened? 96 more words

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California Schools Focus on Foster Care Youth

California is attempting to identify all foster care youth in its public schools and track each students’ progress, as the state devotes billions of extra dollars to meet their emotional and special learning needs. 70 more words

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Struggle Amid Progress: To Be LGBTQ in Foster Care

New York City is working to build a foster-care system that welcomes gay and trans youth. New training has made gains against still-common cultural and religious hangups among caseworkers and foster parents. 59 more words

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Kids to Love: Teenager Wants Forever Home

For girls Laura’s age, being in foster care at the age of 16 is tough.

“Kinda fell back on my grades a little bit from moving from home to home, I moved from a 1A school to a 6 A school and so it’s a lot of transitioning I had to deal with and so I’m trying to get my grades back up.” Laura said. 23 more words

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Lotus House New Option For Former Foster Kids

Jennifer Valko is fostering change.

The 46-year-old Long Beach woman founded a nonprofit last September called Fostering A Change, and less than a year later she is opening up the organization’s first home — The Lotus House — for young women who have aged out of the foster care system. 58 more words

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