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Amazing youth activity

Tonight, I wanted to do something a little different for small group with my girls. Kim stayed in with us because I knew that she needed to be here for it too. 278 more words

Huge enormous talent, itty bitty character.

While watching a movie,  The Wolf Of Wall Street, I was struck with a distinct opinion: talent fails where character presides.

My entire life I’ve believed that talent would take me to where I wanted, no scratch that, needed to be. 410 more words

Ok, maybe more “weirdy” than scary. Don’t worry, parents: the movies we show on Scary Movie Night are usually Christian films. Last year, we showed “ 16 more words


A prayer for my youth girls

Dear Lord,

Protect them. Keep them safe in this crazy world. When they do have troubles, show them You will always be there. I know that they will feel hurt but please allow them to always see Your plan even through the hardships. 276 more words

More Halloween Memories

I have other memories of Halloween that involve Grace Methodist Church.  I don’t want it to come off like I hate Grace or any other church.  517 more words


Fresh look at our Youth

There have been changes over the last year at Lighthouse on 11th. One of those has been in our youth group. There are some amazing things that have already happened this year! 248 more words

Lighthouse On 11th

Adult - A definition

Have you ever heard of Evernote? It’s a free app that is FAR superior to the “notepad” app that came with your phone. This one enables you to make your own notebooks and organize your notes in a more sensible/personal fashion. 755 more words

Lessons Along My Journey