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Event: Manchester Centre for Youth Studies Launch (June, 2014: UK)

Event: Manchester Centre for Youth Studies Launch – ‘Contesting Youth in the UK – Key Challenges and Agendas’

Date: Thursday 26th June 2014

Venue: Geoffrey Manton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK (further details and directions to the venue can be found at… 283 more words

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Globalisation & new social movements | 5

This October 2011 PBS report on Occupy Wall Street and drama representations of The Newsroom 2×01 parts one, two, three and four illustrate the fragmented character of new social movements and the role of the internet in bringing different groups together to engage in protests. 222 more words

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Accounting for tastes | 4

To what extent could the girl in Faking It change who she was? Was this an easy task? How did her different identities change power relations with others?

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Levi's 501s | 3

Classics never die

(Levi’s) projected an image of glamorous juvenile delinquency … the romantic outsider.

(Levi’s) became almost a uniform of rebellion, a statement that people could make comfortably.

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Youth Studies | 1

Culture … what is it?
It’s a shared space in which people interact through shared language and values. You either belong to a culture or don’t depending on whether you understand, accept and comply; or conversely, misinterpret, reject or deliberately break the unspoken rules which we must be obeyed to belong. 112 more words

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