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Why I Could Never Be "Best Buds" With My Former Bullies

You know I am all for forgiveness, burying the hatchet, letting things go, and moving on in life from the bad things that have previously carried you down.   524 more words


Millennial bashing

Millennials are lazy. Millennials are narcissistic. Millennials’ political views don’t make any sense.

Millennials are this. Millennials are that.

I’m so sick of millennial bashing. 460 more words

He Still Loves Me

When my cheeks are hollow

And I am ghastly pale.

When I have rings around my eyes

In dark purple,

He still loves me.

When I have pudgy cheeks… 105 more words

Great Expectations

Something that has been bothering me for …well, a few years.  But has just recently resurfaced and has me thinking.

When I was a young, young girl, I wrote out a list with qualities of the type of man I would someday want to marry.   371 more words

Encuentra mas de Cien Mil Archivos de Pornografía Infantil en Computadora de ExSacerdote Católico

Publicado el 15 dic 2014

Noticias Cristianas

(Prensacristiana.org) Republicana Dominicana, Alrededor de unos 100 mil archivos de pornografía infantil fueron encontrados en la computadora del Ex Nuncio Papal de la República Dominicana Jozef Wesolowski, acusado recientemente de actos de pederastia. 146 more words


White Winter Hymnals

If you were to take a telescope and direct it towards a little town by the name of El Segundo in December of five years ago, you might see the merriest of odd balls and outcasts. 470 more words


2014 Christmas Pageant

Another fabulous Christmas Pageant and pot-luck dinner!

Many thanks to Tami Burks, Beverley Sherrid and their merry band of elves.

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