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How to Heal Sunburn

You forgot the sunscreen or did not apply enough, it has happened to us all.

Even after using sunscreen, sun rays often cause damage to the skin.

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Understanding the different types of UV Rays


Have you ever taken the time to understand the science behind sun protection? Do you know the difference between UVA’s and UVB’s?

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Feed Your Skin; A Green Smoothie For Soft, Youthful Skin

        Aah, a Green Smoothie. Green smoothies are an incredible way to get your much-needed veggie servings in one quick, jam-packed, glass-sized helping. Most of us don’t eat enough green leafy vegetables as part of our daily diet or fruit for that matter, so blending them up into a yummy smoothie is definitely the way to go. 317 more words

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We are continuing our summer series with an article on sunscreen and how to make sure the way you go about protecting your skin is adequate and efficient in keeping complications at bay. 395 more words

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5 Simple SUMMER SKINCARE Secrets

Summer is here and making sure that your skin gets optimal protection from the sun is vital. Not only does the sun makeyour skin age much faster, it can also cause serious health issues such as skin cancer, especially here in Sunny South Africa.

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The £100 Foundation

In the last few years, I have noticed the rise in prestige cosmetics brands, such as Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury, which can mean only one thing…there is a demand for expensive make up! 334 more words


Easy Way to Reduce Wrinkles, Simply And Nautrally - Refadoc.com

Wrinkles are every woman’s nightmares. Ever since the time a woman enters in her early forties, she begins dreading these natural formations on her face and seeks every single measure in order to fight them. 426 more words