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Sonic 104.9, Claire and alligators (dream), Pat Quinn, 5-1 win, Flora in DQ5

Sonic 104.9 called me for some reason this afternoon – interesting! Dreamed about Claire meeting several famous people, and having to herd an alligator through a sliding glass door. 202 more words

Phone Calls

Wild animals and goldfish!

What wild animal are you?


You soar above the treetops, hunting. You hunt alone, but are still a force to be reckoned with. Click Here to Take This Quiz… 39 more words


What dragon color are you, mostly?

What dragon color are you, mostly?

White dragon

Very calm and wise. Sometimes, though, white dragons are lost, meaning that their personality is greatly overshadowed by wisdom. 24 more words


Snow, wolves, and SONIC characters

I heard that we got more snow… DAMMIT! Good thing I wasn’t planning to go anywhere today, anyhow!

Which wolf are you?

Your name is Midnight, and you don’t have a pack. 78 more words


Golden Wong deactivating profile, CANADA WOMEN HOCKEY GOLD MEDAL, Job

Of COURSE Golden Wong would deactivate his Facebook profile just in time for his birthday! I watched the Canada-US women’s gold medal game, which went into overtime thanks to two Canadian goals in the last few minutes. 72 more words