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Timeout: The Single Thing KPop Star 3 Did Right was (Snagging) Yoo Hee Yeol.

Yoo Hee Yeol and Hong Jung Hee, on the same stage? Yoo Hee Yeol keeping his promise to play the piano for her? Recall the time when she was eliminated from this show, and he teared? 89 more words

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Timeout: Hey, What's Up? Part II: What I'm Watching & Scattered Thoughts on The Current KPop Landscape.

Here’s a (lengthy) update on what I’ve been into lately, and scattered thoughts I have about the current KPop/K-music scene. I’m no expert, and I actually like (as in… 3,814 more words

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Hidamari no Kanojo: A Review.

On my flight to Honolulu a fews weeks ago (which strangely feels like a lifetime ago…), I had the pleasure of watching Hidamari no Kanojo… 1,325 more words

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Timeout: Naoki! Kotoko! My Babies! (soon)

Have you guys watched this little teaser-slash-announcement about season 2?

Or this one, where they reprised their roles to promote the DVD release? Aw man, how adorable are they?! 67 more words

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Timeout: 2000 Won! Is! Debuting!

Heads up to all KPop Star 2 watchers, exciting news!

In case you didn’t hear, 2000 Won – the underdogs and victim to the judges’ blatant biased attitude – is debuting! 202 more words

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Timeout: Quick Notes from the Secret Love Affair's 21-minute teaser.

I’m in between classes at the moment, and in the heat of studying but I… just watched the above clip with interest, ever since Secret Love Affair… 423 more words

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"This one's for the lonely child; brokenhearted, running wild."

This is so you’ll know the sound
Of someone who loves you from the ground
Tonight you’re not alone at all
This is me sending out my satellite call…

13 more words
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