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CommonDreams - Extreme Living: Techy Hipsters Want To Help Solve Homelessness By Strapping Electronics Onto Distressed Human Beings - 18 April 2014

By Abby Zimet

Dubbed an experiment in “building empathy through first-hand perspective,” a Silicon Valley  “entrepreneur and sociologist passionate about our common humanity” has begun… 251 more words


Why Competing on Price Alone is Stupid.

How’s it going folks?  Today I thought I would tackle an issue that I see a lot of physical and independent online retailers struggling with.  PRICE.   429 more words

So, since this is a new blog, and a whole new kind of thing for a regular old kiddo like me, I’ll start the whole thing off with something I thought would be pretty cool to talk about! 493 more words

Who Am I?

Yo. My name is NabiNu, semi-proffesional philosopher, author, artist, and fangirl.

I’m going to be honest with you guys – I’m pretty new to this. Although I’ve always been in love with humour and video games and Benedict Cumberbatch, I’ve only recently become connected with them on the internet. 269 more words

Internet Addiction