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Kreo G.I.Joe Fan video: Get the Diamonds:

Sometime ago, our friend Skinny uploaded the video below to his youtube channel. If you have never seen it, check it out below.  I have been slacking with sharing some cool things, forgive me.  -Sam


Culture Murdered Beauty.

Today guys want the world, and, yes, that means all of you

And that means you better be wearing the right clothes, too.

I mean, who can blame you? 539 more words



I finally had to throw in the towel…Golden Sun on the Game Boy Advance has beaten me. I must say it was a fun journey, but here I must admit defeat.   1,254 more words

Meet Johnny Dronehunter, The Guy With Just The Thing To Fend Off Privacy Invasion

“In the not-too-distant future, privacy is a thing of the past. Undeniable rights degrade like the paper they were written upon, and Big Brother has a constant eye on you and your family.” That’s the… 249 more words

Web Culture

Mitchell Emmen x Richi Rich - Let it Go - FROZEN: Linkin Park (style)

So, I was just browsing YouTube and came across this amazing video of this dude singing a Frozen song in the style of Linkin Park. It’s always nice to find new talented musicians on the internet. 19 more words


[VIDEO]: Adorable 5-year-old girl doesn't want her baby brother to grow up

If only all siblings could get along so well!

A five-year-old girl named Sadie is so enamored with her baby brother’s cuteness, she cries to her parents that she doesn’t want him to grow up. 95 more words

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