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In which I make a painful admission

Taylor Swift’s new song isn’t completely terrible.

Although I admit I’m not sure I have the courage to watch the video:

It’s not that I have a blanket dislike of bubblegum pop, mind you.   221 more words


Five years after introducing the feature, Google makes HTML5 default on YouTube

Google has announced today, five years after introducing a test version of the feature, that HTML5 video on YouTube is now the default setting for video playback. 250 more words


What Makes a Video Viral? Top 3 Viral Videos of January 2015.

An animation or film that is spread rapidly through online sharing is called a viral video. Viral videos can receive millions of views within a very short time as they are shared on social media platforms. 209 more words

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You Gotta Give the Devil His Due

If you’ve lived in Milwaukee in the last 20 years, you’ve almost certainly heard and/or seen a commercial for Hupy and Abraham, S.C. They’re the commercials with… 1,144 more words


Killing Words (2003) Film Review by Joe Finsternis

Joe gives great reviews that are on par with the professional, if not superior at times. His personal niche is within the Horror, Thriller and Sci-Fi genres, but not exclusively so. 96 more words