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Breaking the Ice - - The ALS Ice Water challenge

This post is the only thing between me and my morning joint. So let’s do this.

I don’t mean to rain ice water on anyone’s parade, but I’m getting a mad sense of de-ja-vu. 818 more words


T2-32 a video for you!

Before I go, on a whim last night I watched Odd Thomas starring Anton Yelchin. It’s a good movie. Be careful with that ending though.
Kay, bye.


Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (Review)

So Taylor’s new single from her upcoming album ‘1989’ was released yesterday and it is already causing a stir while massing over 15 Million Views on YouTube in 24hrs for her supposed mockery of Black Amercian stereotypes such as twerking, dressing up in “gangsta bling” and containing references to celebrities such as Lady Gaga. 144 more words

Janis Joplin – Summertime

For dear friends,
eternal summer times,
endless beaches,
sweet cocktails
and times
when living is easy.


When You're Recording Your YouTube Video, Try Not To Get Robbed

Very funny stuff from the comedy duo Dennie & Sharp, one of the hottest up and coming acts in the NYC improv scene.* Here the duo shows (a. 87 more words

Christmas jammies family does it again with back-to-school video

They’re back. This time the Holderness family got dressed for their latest viral video. You may remember them from their Christmas jammies. But this time it’s all about big buses, we cannot lie. Baby got class.


The Trailer Park: Men, Women & Children Official Trailer #1

Hey Poppers

Welcome to the Trailer Park. I hope to with this new addition to the cafe I can bring you some of the new and maybe old trailers that make their way onto the net. 207 more words