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Moana Disney's newest princess

With a new Disney movie in the works, it’s no surprise Disney is looking at the Pacific Islands for their new princess and tale. Disney has opened the contest to young women to audition for the role of their newest princess Moana. 197 more words


Mars Year Two: Curiosity Rover Mission

Video below from a friend:  The liquid water evidence has been piling up, like the sedimentary Mt. Sharp in the bottom of Gale crater.  Liquid water was pretty likely at the surface of Mars over where the rover has traveled, long ago tumbling rocks along and smoothing them, forming channels and hardening the sediment into layers of clay leaving sulfate salts behind, but this was a long time ago, probably 3 billion years or more.  99 more words

Public Debate

So it's been a while....

So it’s been a while since i’ve made a blog post & a youtube video. I just needed some time to myself after the whole family issue. 176 more words


Coral Corner-Montipora

As saltwater aquarium owners progress further and further into the hobby few will take on the challenge caring for SPS corals.   Many SPS corals are categorized as… 382 more words


Coming Back to this Blog

You all probably missed my beautiful posts and some of my “friends” told me I should continue it so I shall continue this.

So lately I’ve had this brilliant new thing go on in my Oropharynx. 169 more words

My Life