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Sisters Of The Moon (Live)

on the Full moon after a Total Eclipse – I just cannot resist…


Off-topic video: "Dialectic Issue LifeCycle Model" for beginners #theory #socialchange #statusquo starring #Manchester Uni academic

Here’s a video about the “Dialectic Issue LifeCycle Model”.  What’s that, you ask?  Well, in (very) crude terms – it’s about how some problems get onto the public and political radar, and how others don’t.  79 more words


The Heart Of The Matter - Rupert Hine

and the heart of the matter is in you soul

and not in your heart, not in your heart at all…


Remember The Tinman - Tracy Chapman

“And Remember the Tinman, found he had what he thought he lacked.”
“Remember the Tinman, go find your heart and take it back.”
“Who stole your heart, maybe no one can say. 
8 more words