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In Ys Origin you are able to play as a strong and independent female by the name of Yunica.

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Ys Origin Review

Ys never seems to get into the pantheon of JRPG franchises. Everyone gets their thumbs, and sometimes pitchforks ready with every Final Fantasy. Everyone has at least heard of… 1,873 more words


'The Gaming Goddess' Podcast - S6,E3: "Ys Origins"

This week’s podcast was recorded a little earlier than I initially expected, but the reason for that was that I was planning to be out of town Friday through Monday visiting family over the extended Labor Day weekend, so I wanted to make sure to get a good episode out rather than skip over it this week. 134 more words

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Let's Play "Ys Origin" Series Kicks Off!

The Ys series of games is one that I have been fascinated with for quite some time, though it is also one that I have not played a huge amount of. 195 more words