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Almost healthy again and next part of story (still German)

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Hǎiān warf sich den Rucksack auf den Rücken und nahm die letzte Tasche in die Hand. Sie bedauerte etwas ihr Quartier räumen zu müssen. 5,276 more words


Zuyong and Zurestless

This post was long overdue. After all, this page would not have been here if not for this guy. The Zúyŏng Invincible pictured above has the distinction of being the first model I painted in… 481 more words


Oh, the Su-Jianity! Part 2.

Well, that was intricate. Don’t think I’ve needed that much time to paint a single figure before. At least it’s done now. I’m glad Infinity is a skirmish war game, because I would not want to assemble and paint another. 1,009 more words


Language Updates.

I revisited some of the language posts to include large font renditions of the Chinese characters in question, as they can be hard to distinguish at the set font. 79 more words


Oh, the Su-Jianity!

A while ago I mentioned the Su-Jian as being one of the units that got me into Infinity, let alone Yu Jing. When my remotes shattered and I n… 91 more words


Fancy Zhànshì

Well, I finally did it. Anyone close to me knows I had been agonizing over the decision of whether or not to redo the original flouro orange of my Zhanshis with the… 373 more words


Being sick and storytime

My all high intentions of writing more here have been thwarted by a current sickness. It has been a while since I was seriously ill and I hate it. 2,292 more words