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Infinity - Modified ITS Tournament

Sunday we held our first Infinity tournament at one of our friendly local game stores here in Thunder Bay, Thunder Games and Gifts. We set up a couple tables in their main game room and four of us fought it out in a Modified version of the ITS format. 1,080 more words


Games I Like - Infinity - More Camera Day photos for my show

Here’s a second round of photos of some of my figures, this time for Infinity. You’ve likely all seen the Pan Oceania stuff before… but there’s a couple of Yu Jing figs I painted recently in there I’ve never taken pictures of. 37 more words

Adventures In The World Of Tabletop Gaming

how to force assign sequence in multi-thread in cmake

I am writing a project base on crfpp , a external project. I use cmake to integerate this project as follow .

firstly , I add a extenal project like this: 375 more words


Corvus Belli: Infinity - SÙ JIÀN Immediate Action Unit

Hello! Yesterday night I finished my Su – Jian!

First of all lets have a look at this gorgeous model:

Hell yeah! it is a giant monstrosity! 422 more words

Infinity The Game!

Corvus Belli: Infinity - Yu Jing Groupshot


I filmed a groupshot with all my painted Yu Jing so far!





Infinity The Game!

Corvus Belli: Infinity – Miyamoto Mushashi for my Yu – Jing and a cat story

Hello everyone!

In this post I want to present Miyamoto Mushashi miniature for my Japanese Sectorial Army. He is a mercenary miniature but he can be used normally as part of JSA. 723 more words

Infinity The Game!