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白色矮星 ~ 5150

Just a little note: since this is a themed album, and it’s the second chapter, a lot of parts may sound out of place. I personally have never read the story behind this CD and will probably never do it considering I miss the first one –the “四季楽典” series counts 3 installments, if they can be called “installments”. 694 more words


Corpse Party - Chapter Three: The Review

Developers: Team GrisGris
Publishers: Team GrisGris
Plot: Satoshi wakes up with his little sister, determined to protect her from whatever evils are lurking in the darkness. 798 more words


ももへの手紙 'A Letter To Momo'

Initially, as the raindrops fall from Above, you are captivated at the stellar concoction of sights and sounds woven together in this animated masterpiece.

The story is two-fold: Momo’s visceral regret at the cruel, final words conveyed to her father before his untimely passing, while the fallen goblins survey the situation as her wildly endearing and whacky guardians. 48 more words

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