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My surprised thing.(By Yuka)

Recently, I’ve got capsule toys. It is two items in a picture on top of this writing. These price are 300 yen a per. (Today’s dollar-to-yen exchange rates →$1=103yen) 53 more words


MOTHER2 (by Yuka)

I like playing video games.
Today I introduce my favorite one gamesoftware. That name is “MOTHER2″.

One night, A meteorite falls down to ground near the house which a boy lives in. 115 more words


A girl named Fuchiko.(by Yuka)

The picture is my penholder on my office’s desk. A few girls is there. The girls is same one.

Her name is Fuchiko who is the brim of a glass. 43 more words



Brace yourself – SoundStill’s Live Video Concert Series – ep. 01 – April 24/14


The book(by Yuka)

Hi.I’m one of the pastathree.

Today I met two girls of pastathree,so I spent the enjoyable time.

And I bought a book named “Watashinouchiniwa nano minami”in Japanese. 67 more words


[Album Review] moumoon - LOVE before we DIE

moumoon is a group that proves that there are different and more eccentric sounds that are found in Japan. They are also a perfect example of simple, sweet, and perfect soft-electro sound. 573 more words


11Eyes OVA Review

11Eyes OVA
Plot: A sorta parody on 11Eyes, this OVA introduces the main characters to the Pink Night; a hot pink version of the Red Night that gives them different powers. 860 more words