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I love sleeping.(by Yuka)

Yesterday I decided to take enough sleep. Because it’s just me in my house and good chance to sleep on long time without any interruption. 39 more words


This flower is bloom too! ( by Yuka)

These camellia is blooming in a garden of my husband’s parents house.

camellia blooms mainly from winter to spring. It’s native flowers of Japan or China. 58 more words


My surprised thing.(By Yuka)

Recently, I’ve got capsule toys. It is two items in a picture on top of this writing. These price are 300 yen a per. (Today’s dollar-to-yen exchange rates →$1=103yen) 53 more words


MOTHER2 (by Yuka)

I like playing video games.
Today I introduce my favorite one gamesoftware. That name is “MOTHER2″.

One night, A meteorite falls down to ground near the house which a boy lives in. 115 more words


A girl named Fuchiko.(by Yuka)

The picture is my penholder on my office’s desk. A few girls is there. The girls is same one.

Her name is Fuchiko who is the brim of a glass. 43 more words



Brace yourself – SoundStill’s Live Video Concert Series – ep. 01 – April 24/14


The book(by Yuka)

Hi.I’m one of the pastathree.

Today I met two girls of pastathree,so I spent the enjoyable time.

And I bought a book named “Watashinouchiniwa nano minami”in Japanese. 67 more words