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Brian Phillips, "Sea of Crisis"

“Back in Tokyo, I thought the city was a river, the urban element somehow changed to liquid form. In New York, the storefronts come and go but the shape of things stays relatively stable, which is why you can, say, lay a photograph from the 1940s over a neighborhood scene from today. 78 more words


Yukio Mishima: 1925 - 1970.

I first became acquainted with the works of Yuiko Mishima at around the same time that I started reading Nietzsche. Just out of high school, I was in my first year of college and in a period of life when the issue of nihilism was increasingly becoming of great concern to me.  1,800 more words

Mishima Yukio and Modern Japanese Literature featured in Grantland

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Fans of Yukio Mishima 三島由紀夫 (1925-1970), you should read The Sea of Crisis, by Brian Phillips. 722 more words


The Gateless Gate, koan 14

Nansen saw the monks of the eastern and western halls fighting over a cat. He seized the cat and told the monks: “If any of you say a good word, you can save the cat.”

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re: Can you afford to be a writer?

Can you afford to be a writer?” by Deborah Dundas (Toronto Star)

IMHO, even if the book market in Canada wasn’t as small as it was, the average writer in Canada would still be paid less than the minimal wage because even in Britain and the US the average writer is also paid beneath the minimum (see: Alison Flood’s “ 214 more words