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Your Bicycle Helmet is Dishonorable

Yukio Mishima speaks, he speaks, he says, “The road does not forgive us” he tells Meyer. Meyer looks down at the road, he examines the paved asphalt, he notices its wear, he estimates it to be several decades old — he spots bricks, exposing upward in angles from beneath its layers — the road is littered with sprinkles of shards of glass, jagged gavels, bottle caps, occasional chips of fake jade — it is like dust, dust that laces tattoos, tattoos from chewing gums, paints, and oil puddles — It is an old, trampled, possibly ancient, inner city, Tokyo road. 581 more words


Literary (Google) Map of Japan

This is nice: a literary map of Japan compiled by My Maps user, DeesOnSkis. The map is by no means comprehensive, but it does include a fair sized selection of literary sites. 68 more words


In which I wonder... just why *is* my memory so hopeless?????

You might wonder what prompted that thought – and I’ve never prided myself on having a particularly great memory – but the story goes like this! 366 more words


Vez ou outra nos deparamos com pessoas aficionadas por algum ideal e nos perguntamos até onde esse indivíduo pode ir para satisfazer sua paixão. Hoje vou falar sobre… 467 more words


I'm Reading Fiction these days

Reading a book by Yukio Mishima

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Mishima’s writing is austere in that it is simple, unadorned, unembellished and restrained. 335 more words