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I’ve just finished reading Yukio Mishima’s The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea. I continue my fascination with this hauntingly poetic and brutally beautiful writer. 448 more words

Yukio Mishima

PROCESS: Jeanne Thornton

So has anyone here ever read Yukio Mishima’s Sun and Steel? I couldn’t get through it. It’s a weird little philosophy book about weightlifting. According to Mishima, you can’t… 1,367 more words


Five Modern Nō Plays - Yukio Mishima

Hanako : I wait.
Jitsuko : I wait for nothing.

Songs of a lonely heart flying from the gentle folds of the fan signalling the melancholic air to chant sermons of an unrequited love ; the capricious love muffling the voices of a damask drum ; the viciousness of love nurtured by the obstinacy of the heart spilling its vengeance in a haunted soul ; the arrogance of beauty nestled in narcissistic love humbled by the aloofness of a gravestone and the nothingness of love dissolving into a philosophical profundity dreaming the richness of love on a mystifying Kantan pillow. 1,732 more words


Quote Of The Day: 01/18/2015

Words are a medium that reduces reality to abstraction for transmission to our reason, and in their power to corrode reality inevitably lurks the danger that the words will be corroded too.

– Yukio Mishima


It's Yukio Mishima's Birthday

“He heard the sound of waves striking the shore, and it was as though the surging of his young blood was keeping time with the movement of the sea’s great tides. 465 more words


A sneak preview of the next Hector Lassiter novel

Two final, never-before-seen Lassiter novels will appear in the second half of 2015.

First up, will be a novel featuring Hector and James Bond creator Ian Fleming in 1962 Japan, and, a bit later, in Istanbul, witnessing the filming of the classic Bond novel, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. 18 more words


Osechi Dishes for New-Year Days

Happy New Year!!

2014 had come and gone. Though many anxiety-provoking events transpired during the year (such as the mysterious disappearance of a Malaysian passenger jet, the rise of ISIS, and the Ebola epidemic in West Africa), as far as my family was concerned, it was a fairly good year. 478 more words