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Yukio Mishima on Romaji

“Romaji is awful,” Mr. Mishima said flatly.

“The visual effect of a Chinese character is very important.” He slashed out the rounded, multi-stemmed character for “rose,” and looked at it admiringly.

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BBC Arena: The Strange Case of Yukio Mishima

Selected Works by Yukio Mishima:

  • Confessions of a Mask (1949),
  • Thirst for Love (1950),
  • The Sound of Waves (1954) (winner of the Shincho Prize),
  • Five Modern Noh Plays…
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What Things Are Worth: Books


I was misled. I was taken by hand down the primrose path, and dumped at the end of it with piles of pages and boxes of books, volume upon volume and tome upon tome: so many  that I can no longer carry them without causing a debilitating flare-up of my sciatica, which, alas, renders me useless for just about every activity, except reading. 885 more words

Things From My Personal Life That You Probably Don't--and Shouldn't--give A Shit About.

Yukio Mishima: Confessions of a Mask,1949

One day, taking advantage of having been kept from school by a slight cold, I got out some volumes of art reproductions, which my father had bought back as a souvenir of his foreign travels, and took them to my room, where I looked through them attentively. 908 more words

20th Century

so (2)

& i look thru my recent afterdinner Padwriter emails to my PC since last week & find myself reading this — and remember that in yesterday’s post I wrote something about the majority of voters, & some thoughts in the second of these (but you need to read the first to get it) resonates with that, so i’ll post them (not without adding & changing a few things here & there). 1,194 more words


The Sea of Fertility

Japanese men have flat chests

And tiny nipples that are very dark,

Their torso is a white foil.

(The pieces of coal that serve as a snowman’s buttons) 45 more words

Tales And Poems : Heen And Sheen’s Literary Talents O