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After the Banquet by Yukio Mishima: Review

Yukio Mishima’s 1960 novel After the Banquet was a new venture for me into the unknown territory of Japanese literature.  With the exception of Kazuo Ishiguro, I’ve read very little by authors from this part of the world but an unexpected trip to Japan late in 2013 gave me the impetus to fill that gap in my experience. 945 more words


the "Write Club" story

In late December 2013, a friend of mine, M., invited her former pen pal, R., and myself to contribute to an ongoing group novel for fun. 958 more words


Swaddling Clothes / The Last Picture Show

a. In “Swaddling Clothes” the woman can’t stop thinking about the baby wrapped in newspapers for swaddling clothes, and as she wanders around the park late at night thinking and obsessing over it, she finds a homeless man wrapped in newspapers sleeping on a  park bench as if her thoughts and memories have materialized before her. 220 more words

World Lit: Yukio Mishima & Ryu Murakami

a. One of the key moments of magical realism I noticed was in “Fountains in the Rain,” where Akio immediately associates Masako’s tears with the fountain, and randomly wonders “if the fountains work even when it’s raining” (3). 323 more words

Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel, the second hotel to bear that name in Tokyo, was certainly a unique sight as a palatial exemplar of the “ 132 more words