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Early Potatoes II

This is a continuation from the article Early Potatoes. In homage to the sun, I decided to wait until Summer Solstice, June 21, to dig up the golden yellow tubers, still a good month or two before most potatoes are ready. 608 more words

Growing Methods

The Best Potato Salad

I love my homemade potato salad, and it’s not hard to make!

First some tips about the potatoes. It’s best to use a waxy thin-skinned type like Yukon Gold or red potatoes, or small “new” potatoes. 429 more words


Pommes Anna

I love potatoes, and you should too. This fancy sounding dish is actually simple as simple can be, the sign of a truly wonderful, timeless dish. 376 more words

Classics & Standards

Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes with Shallots and Parsley

If you love potatoes, this is the dish for you.  Although not a fusion, I do like to share all types of recipes with everyone.  This dish makes a nice side dish to any meal and it’s vegetarian friendly (my dear friend Danielle will appreciate this)!   187 more words


Entry No. 36

I was surprised to find blooms in my Norland Red potato patch today.  These are grown from store-bought Seed Potatoes which, normally, are sterile tubers.  I’ve grown potatoes from tubers like this for five years now, in buckets, in the ground… this is the first flower I’ve seen.  70 more words


Yukon Gold Hotdogs

An idea. Needs improvement. Worked better than it should have.


2 small yukon gold potatoes or try 1 large/long potato

1 sausage or hotdog of choice… 65 more words


Entry No. 26

Here’s my potatoes!  Well, some of them.  This is the Norland Red patch.  I have another across the garden, looks much the same, filled with Yukon Gold.  149 more words