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Yule Breakfast idea

Yule Breakfast

Quiche (to me represents the sun)

1pie crust, pre homemade or bought
1/4 of green pepper
1/4 of red pepper
1/4 of yellow pepper… 391 more words


Tis the Season ~

This year try Being present, instead of focusing on Giving presents ~


Rudolph the suppressed reindeer

Seen this post on Facebook and I realized that I’ve always thought this exact thing about this song!!!

There are plenty of reasons, at this time of year, to hate a Christmas song: You can hate an annoying chorus, despise a celebrity crooner, or just resent the way a tune sticks in your head hours after you heard it at Nordstrom Rack. 998 more words


Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice — Wintersonnenwende — Great Yule.

With that long-celebrated day, the sun will then begin to rise higher in its arc across the sky, the days will slowly but surely grow longer, and light and warmth will return to the world. 351 more words

That's a wrap! Part V -- We're done here.

Whew. I think we might actually be finished. Nothing left but the clean-up.

Which I am not going to do.

Everything that didn’t move has been wrapped and be-ribboned. 10 more words

Naughty Loki

"The Midwinter Fires" -- Sir James George Frazer

“The Midwinter Fires”


Sir James George Frazer

from The Golden Bough

If the heathen of ancient Europe celebrated, as we have good reason to believe, the season of Midsummer with a great festival of fire, of which the traces have survived in many places down to our own time, it is natural to suppose that they should have observed with similar rites the corresponding season of Midwinter; for Midsummer and Midwinter, or, in more technical language, the summer solstice and the winter solstice, are the two great turningpoints in the sun’s apparent course through the sky, and from the standpoint of primitive man nothing might seem more appropriate than to kindle fires on earth at the two moments when the fire and heat of the great luminary in heaven begin to wane or to wax. 1,127 more words


Doodle 81 - Winter Nights...

‘The nights are closing in, maybe I should close the door. And anyway the snow has covered all your footsteps and I can follow you no more.’ 201 more words