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21 Nuts vs. Cakes and Pies

I’ve been trying hard to get back to my healthy eating lifestyle because I got totally thrown off the last two months.

How thrown off, you ask? 504 more words


Domino's Pizza in South Africa

Pizza Lovers of the World… EAT…

I have good, supremely awesome, tummy hugging news… Domino’s Pizza is coming to South Africa and NOT just the two other cities… Durban… you are on the list… In fact by the posters I have seen in Westville, one should be arriving near me soon… In the mean time however be sure to enter their comeptition to win a YEARS supply of PIZZA!! 145 more words



Did you know that October is Vegetarian Awareness month? Incorporating aspects of a  vegan or vegetarian diet into your everyday lifestyle does wonders for your state of mind as well as your body. 178 more words


So I Missed My Goal

My aim was to make forty recipes by the time I turned forty on September 20th.  I made six.  Mathematicians everywhere are shaking their heads in dismay.   393 more words

Gluten Free

Good Food & Wine

Hey everyone, I’m so sorry I’ve been so quiet lately, life has been hectic, both work-wise and normal day to day. In fact I’ve been so busy that I haven’t gotten a chance to write about the… 738 more words

My Life

#SMUHateWeek sips

Here a few tasty drinks that are perfect for anytime of the day… especially at 8 am on this Saturday mornin’!

Stormy Morning Cocktail // looks tasty… and it’s festive! 45 more words


Sunday Breakfast // Egg Muffins

This is the perfect breakfast for Sundays, but also any other day of the week.

It is everything you want in a healthy breakfast: eggs, bacon, and some veggies, it is served in individual portions, it looks adorable, and its SO good! 114 more words