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Peanut butter cupcakes 😍 with buttercream frosting .

I cannot keep calm cause they are sooooo yum!! *excitement* eeeee 😁😍 these are the best cupcakes iv ever made according to my sister ! . 170 more words


Sweet Tooth - Snackin' on Snickerdoodles

There is officially a new favorite dessert in my house – snickerdoodles!Β To be honest, when I had the urge to make cookies the other night, snickerdoodles were not my first choice. 295 more words


Biryani (mutton)😍

Can I ever get enough of my mom’s biryani !! I don’t think.. Ever! It’s mouthwatering and delicious :) and it’s the easiest recipe for biryani that I’ve come across .. 283 more words


Stuffed bread cups🍞

This dish is inspired from a picture I saw on one of the social networking sites. It’s a perfect snack, healthy and soooooo easy to prepare it’s unbelievable ! 122 more words


Veggie Japanese-Sushi House

This was my first time to a Japanese restaurant, shame on me! There was fried tofu, tempura veggies, rice, melon and a salad. The meal was quite generous in size, really enough for two people. 19 more words


Hello Dolly

The idea to this outfit, started when my friend was looking at the Marketplace. It has become a habit of ours, to send links to stuff we think the other will like. 120 more words

Round Here...

Round here we’re carving out our names
Round here we all look the same
Round here we talk just like lions
But we sacrifice like lambs… 100 more words