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Hmmm…a yupo question?

I plan to order more yupo paper. Can anyone speak to the difference in the 74 lb sheet of paper vs the 144 lb sheet of paper? 61 more words


Free Floating

My second try at working with Yupo paper involved a fall theme. I began by drawing a pleasing repetitive pattern using leaves from outside as models. 105 more words


Late summer

It may seem strange to be writing a post about late summer when we in the southern hemisphere are heading towards the beginning of summer, but the ideas inspired by seasons are continuing, as you will see if you look at the last few posts I have done. 181 more words


Painting on Yupo

I love this synthetic paper. It’s made for watercolors. It’s freeing and forgiving and so much fun! I saw a demonstration a few weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. 60 more words


matterhorn #32 of 150

First experiment using watercolours on Lanavanguard (Yupo) synthetic ‘paper’.. This paper is crazy and one has almost no control about where the paint will end up – it just runs around willy-nilly, settling where ever it has the notion to. 25 more words


Geological Abstract

Watercolor on Yupo.  11 x 14

I get lost in these geological paintings. I really love finding things and adding texture. I begin by staring at my palette until I decide on the colors. 15 more words