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#FACTalk 1: Starting up a Family and Building a Career

Exactly today, September 15, I and Shai are celebrating our half-year of being married. Yay! Today, I am also launching the FACTalk series or the “Family and Career Talk” dedicated to reaching out to young couples and professionals like us to engage them in important matters that seriously affect their lives. 691 more words

Building A Career

Avoiding the other B Word: Dodging Burnout

If you’re like most of us here at Brighter Life, you probably dedicate eight hours at least every weekday to your job. And if you’re lucky, you might actually be one of the few who truly LOVE their job. 566 more words

Living It Up

Over a Month in Texas and No One Has Melted

Man times sure flies when you are having fun. I cannot believe that more than a month has already passed since we loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly…er Austin, TX. 494 more words

Nothing Special

Bruce Ward: Beware the hipster invasion of the suburbs — it won't be cheap

Ever get the feeling that something strange and creepy is going on around you, but you can’t put your finger on it? Could be your suburban neighbourhood is gradually turning upscale — a scary and expensive fate. 655 more words

Our Ottawa

"American Psycho" - Brett Easton Ellis

As with Hell House, I went into this one with a jaded eye. I own the movie and Christian Bale plays Pat Bateman beautifully. For a long time whenever I heard his name this was the movie I thought of. 477 more words



| hot (adjective) | /ʃo/

I spent Labor Day weekend touring Austin, TX with some of my best friends from college. It was entirely too hot (Texas in late August, who knew?), but we didn’t let the heat keep us from enjoying ourselves. 262 more words

Pre-France Life

Hipsters, yuppies and educated middle-class kids have made London better

Much has been said concerning the influx of young, white professionals (sometimes derogatorily referred to as yuppies)  to certain parts of London that where once considered “rough ghettos” populated by ethnic minorities and working class white folk.  755 more words