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Hipsters, yuppies and educated middle-class kids have made London better

Much has been said concerning the influx of young, white professionals (sometimes derogatorily referred to as yuppies)  to certain parts of London that where once considered “rough ghettos” populated by ethnic minorities and working class white folk.  755 more words


Don't mess with Allan Alcock!!

That’s so funny, “ya pencil-dicked yuppie fuck“!!!

Absolutely filthy disgusting Aussie humour from Australia’s only funny comedian, Rodney Rude!


Allan Alcock

Tales from The London Undergound #105

Young pretender to the yuppie throne is sitting opposite, he always reads those how to be successful type books.
Today’s jackanory jabberwocky is something about the ‘psychopaths guide to success’. 381 more words


Between The Panels Of Old Flooring

In a tee shirt from my old relationship

That is where I am these days

It’s worn, comfortable and cozy

There’s usually silence around me when I wear it… 99 more words


Swifts, hell, and London

Anybody who has ever seen London from the air will know that, as far as the eye can see, the metropolis sprawls off into infinity, like a long, rambling argument. 485 more words