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Walking Off The Job

Over the past month, I’ve heard a lot in the news about people walking off the job to demand higher wages. Earlier on September 4th, there was a national protest by fast food workers who demanded that their wages be doubled. 603 more words

Chai is Good For Your Karma! (Not.)

Since I’m in a rather snarky mood today, you get a double dose of venom. There’s some overlap between these folks and the ones I just got done complaining about, but there’s also a wonderful whole extra crowd included here. 914 more words

Living Conditions

From Yuppies to Endies in 25 years

I’m a sucker for a new segment.

The latest to hit the headlines are the ENDIESthe Employed with No Disposable… 787 more words

Qualitative Research

Hipsters, yuppies, hippies, rednecks and truck ballz!

Today I had a text conversation with a good friend that I miss dearly.  To be honest I miss most people from Seattle, so do not feel left out!   346 more words


Their visit was short, but their trust funds will last a lifetime.

I think the ancient saying “mo’ money mo’ problems” has been misunderstood on a grand level. I think that what it actually means is “the process of becoming wealthy is a difficult and often dirty one that leaves you with a lot of primarily self-inflicted issues to deal with after the wealth is acquired”. 1,110 more words

Fine Dining

#FACTalk 1: Starting up a Family and Building a Career

Exactly today, September 15, I and Shai are celebrating our half-year of being married. Yay! Today, I am also launching the FACTalk series or the “Family and Career Talk” dedicated to reaching out to young couples and professionals like us to engage them in important matters that seriously affect their lives. 691 more words


Avoiding the other B Word: Dodging Burnout

If you’re like most of us here at Brighter Life, you probably dedicate eight hours at least every weekday to your job. And if you’re lucky, you might actually be one of the few who truly LOVE their job. 566 more words

Living It Up