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House before home: Unmarried couples and their home buying behavior

At this day and age, when economies rise and fall at the drop of a hat, building sound investments is more important than ever. Evidence to this is couples taking time to establish a strong financial foundation. 293 more words


If I Could Give My 25-Year-Old Self Financial Advice, I’d Tell Her...

Well, I’m 37 now and 25 seems like a lifetime ago. Twelve years ago, I started a job as a PR girl in my dream company. 1,015 more words

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Snake in the Driveway

There was great excitement this morning when we discovered a snake in the driveway. Initially I thought it was dead because it held so still, but sure enough it began to slither away from us. 224 more words

Staten Island

Personal Storage in Vancouver Helps Yuppies Enjoy Small Living Spaces

“The rise of personal storage facilities in many cities and towns has made it possible to store such items you still want to keep but have no place for them in your new apartment. 106 more words

Men's Fashion of The 80s

Okay Folks! I am doing a decades of Men’s Fashion.

This post is about 80s Fashion. I was born in 1988s which makes me a late 80s baby… 55 more words


This is a Gender Issue?

Hillary Crosley recently penned a post for Jezebel entitled, “Feminist Battle: Are You Privileged Enough to Get Some Sleep?

My question: why is this a feminist battle? 173 more words

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Some things that bother you at 24...

I’m a year away from suffering the dreaded quarter life crisis. I’ve been in a constant struggle of deciphering what I really want to happen in my life and how I’ll work on my dreams. 963 more words