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Table For Madame

In every story there is a place for table and a madame.


Old TV

Old song of love is tearing hearts from old TV.


Wordy Seduction

I fell in love with words
And with the words with you -
I know you have seduced me with the words.
Why have you retreated then? 22 more words

Beneath The Lines

If you can’t read beneath the lines how can you read the lines at all? If you can see the body it doesn’t always mean that you can see beneath the skin.


Act 5, Scene 3, Page 13

(skimming the letter) This letter confirms the friar’s account.
It describes the course of their love and mentions the news of her death.
Here he writes that he bought poison from a poor pharmacist. 155 more words

Two Centuries

It’s not the Competition -
It’s the Conversation
Between Two Centuries -
One is she who is no more;
Another is who he is not yet. 58 more words