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Israel/Gaza: Do You Believe in Miracles?

Israel/Gaza: Do You Believe in Miracles?

The Bizarro World of Obama’s Foreign Policy

By Pete Coker

 Does it not seem odd that President Obama and John Kerry appear to be so indifferent to the Israel-Gaza conflict that they are inadvertently endorsing the Hamas terrorist organization? 685 more words


Is Science Betraying Science in Climate Debate?

An Unsettling Climate


 “Global-warming proponents betray science by shutting down debate.”

Scientist Murry Salby argues that a key factor behind rising temperatures is heat exchange between the atmosphere and the ocean. 3,174 more words


Climate Politics and Totalitarianism

The End of Academic Debate: A Climate of Totalitarianism

By Andrew Follett | Aug 2014

  In recent months, the op-ed columns of major newspapers have been  1,050 more words


Judaism, Christianity, and Environmentalism

Judaism, Christianity, and Environmentalism

By Dennis Prager

 As I have often noted, the most dynamic and influential religion of the past hundred years has not been Christianity, let alone Judaism, the two religions that created the Western world. 819 more words


Dear Pope Francis... while in America...

Dear Pope Francis: Head west to see the real America

previously posted by Hugh Hewitt

  I understand, Your Holiness, that your trip to… 702 more words


Attacking Christian Missions with Obama's Blessings?

Sir Elton John attacks Christian Missions with Obama’s Blessings

By Ken Blackwell

 Sir Elton John is world famous, deservedly so. This billionaire singer is one of the most creative talents we have. 744 more words


Is Obama's IRS Targeting Religious Free Expression?

IRS Strikes Deal with Atheist

 IRS Strikes Deal with Atheists to Suppress Religious Freedom?

  Government’s assault on religious liberty has hit a new low as the IRS settles with atheists who sued the government over an alleged policy of not enforcing restrictions on churches’ political activities. 492 more words