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Toleration and Morality

Christianity, Toleration, and Morality

By R. J. Rushdoony

 Implications of the Quarantine Laws

             The commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” as its positive requirement, the mandate to preserve and further life within the framework of God’s law. 1,617 more words


Write up of Trucksome Food Truck App in LiveWorkOakland Blog

Nice write up about Ninh Tran, the owner and operator of Trucksome, explaining how his App came in to fruition.  Check out LiveWorkOakland’s article here

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Come On Out And Give Lacrosse A Try

That’s right, come on out and give it a try. You never know if you can play until you actually try it.  This is Co-Ed! 222 more words


Karma vs. Providence

Karma vs Providence

By Rev. R.J. Rushdoony

 J.S. Mackenzie, in his Manual of Ethics (London, 1900), declared:

 “To be free means that one is determined by nothing but oneself.” 1,221 more words


New Religions, Liberals, and the Nazi's

A Review of New Religions and the Nazis

By Lee Duigon

  “Few scholars have taken seriously the simple fact that a limited number of determined radical believers could do formidable damage in a relatively short period of historical time.” Poewe, p. 1,510 more words


Letter from Africa

A Letter from Africa

 March — 2014

I am writing this column from Cameroon during my sixth trip to Africa. Having travelled to some 20 African countries, I find myself, like so many other visitors to Africa before me, intoxicated with the continent. 703 more words


The Gay Rights Anti-Christian Crusade

The Cultural War against Christians

The “gay rights” crusade is not about a struggle for justice but rather it is a cultural war.

By Star Parker… 623 more words