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Zachary Quinto Goes Skinny Dipping, The World Thanks Him

Something amazing happened this Easter.

Zachary Quinto shared a picture of himself skinny dipping.

It’s perfection. We can’t even explain it. The Star Trek hottie is just amazing. 13 more words


Film Review Margin Call (2011)

It’s been a few years since the height of the global recession. The sub-prime crisis and the housing bubble gave way to the single largest one-day point drop in U.S. 758 more words


Chris Evans and Joel McHale nude in What's Your Number?

Chris Evans is one sexy beast, his body is simply sensational in this movie, and he spends half of it with no top on so no complaints. 33 more words


Review- Star Trek Into Darkness

The Star Trek movie franchise is perhaps one of the longest running movie series ever. The changing casts, the long gaps between films, it’s a strange journey we take with the starship Enterprise and her crew. 473 more words

The Movie That Made Me a Trekkie: Star Trek (2009)

Cards on the table: I am a Star Wars fan. Science fiction enthusiasts know what that means: followers of The Force do not get on the Starship Enterprise. 677 more words

Movie Review

porque usted lo pidio

A Dinkele, constante

Pareciera que freír un huevo es la cosa más fácil del mundo. Que he logrado, a través de un meticuloso proceso científico, descifrar exactamente los pasos para llegar a un huevo frito con la textura perfecta, ligeramente crujiente en las orillas, totalmente blando en la clara, líquido en la yema. 416 more words

Star Trek: The Motion Pictures, Part 3

“Star Trek” (2009)
I had some serious reservations when it came to new cast portraying the iconic crew of TOS, but the teaser trailers eventually had me excited. 913 more words

James T. Kirk