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The "phombie" apocalypse is nigh

I remember the time when the only people who owned cell phones were businessmen and Zack Morris, but today, people have become so attached to their mobile devices that it makes me feel all hope for humanity is lost. 105 more words

Cell Phones

5 #Dark Remakes Of 90's Sitcoms The World Needs Now

The 1990s were a more innocent time. You could have a show about a talking alien puppet or an intrusive, annoying neighbor who loved cheese and had a robot doppelganger. 605 more words

What If Zack Morris Was On OKCupid?

It’s unfortunate that online dating wasn’t around when Saved by the Bell was on the air, because Zack and the gang could have had so many storylines from it. 81 more words

8 Reasons Why Zack Morris Is A Monster And A Criminal

Everyone just loves Zack Morris. He’s charming, good looking, and can control time and space by calling a timeout. What most people don’t discuss is the dark, sinister side of Zack. 1,167 more words

Happy Texas Independence /Justin Bieber's Birthday Day

Independence Day and Bieber’s birthday in the same day is terrible for my body in every way physically possible. The day my state became free and the day that the Patron Saint of Party was born? 127 more words

Golden Thoughts

Zack Morris' Best Sneaker Moments On 'Saved By The Bell' [PHOTOS]

When it comes to the sneaker game in the late ’80s and early ’90s, no one did it like Zack Morris (ok maybe The Fresh Prince).   278 more words


The Girlfriends Of Zack Morris' Past

Zack Morris had so many girlfriends through the entire “Saved By the Bell” show, it’s hard to keep track of ALL of them, but there are some notables. 543 more words