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Zadar 2014

Had some amazing time this summer in Croatia. Well enjoyed the holiday time and spent it with family and friends. Zadar and the surrounding area was stunning.


Croatia (8/12 - 8/20)

On Tuesday morning, the scenic bus ride to the coastline town of Zadar went off without a hitch. After stepping off the charter bus and gathering our bags (buses in Croatia typically charge 7-8 Kuna to store your bags underneath the bus, which equates to a little over 1 US Dollar), we weaved our way through the bustling bus station and out to the front of the building and basically kept walking without really consulting a map.   3,428 more words

Sunsets & Sea Organs | Zadar

Over a bridge and through an archway, the older part of Zadar opens up. It’s a maze of tiny streets, packed with little shops and restaurants. 190 more words


Sightseeing in Zadar

I didn’t know about Zadar, Croatia until recently when I’ve come across a blog about the place and also bought a travel guide book of the country. 68 more words

Morena's Travel


We don’t have much to say about Zadar other than that it was the beginning of our trip down the Croatian coast with really good watermelons.

Most beautiful sunset - Zadar

While a guest of room 204 of the former Hotel Zagreb, Hitchcock is quoted as saying: “The sunset of Zadar is the world’s most beautiful and incomparably better than in Key West, Florida”.

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Totalno ludo ljeto. Šašavo.
Razbilo mi par crijepova, poplavilo garažu 2-3 puta, otpuhalo me i propuhalo.
Fućkaš takovo ljeto.
Srećom, On i ja uhvatili smo najljepše vrijeme za toćanje kopita u plavom Jadranu. 228 more words

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