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Friday Five: The TracyWorld Edition

1) While much of Bob Dylan’s HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED is good music to run to, Ballad of a Thin Man is not a song that will put pep in your step. 152 more words

"NW" by Zadie Smith

IN CIRCULATION: last seen in Burlington, VT, USA

I was in Brussels for half of 2012 and most of 2013, and tried to keep my English lit reading to a minimum in favor of francophone material in order to improve and maintain my French. 1,983 more words


NW by Zadie Smith: a lacklustre portrayal of London life.

My parents are in a constant state of worry. Every time I leave their house they’re constantly telling me to be careful, to watch out for my belongings and to TRUST NO ONE. 602 more words

8 Fantastic Book Quotes

Sometimes you read a novel and you come across a sentence, a phrase, a thought, and it gives you pause. Maybe the author has used language in a unique/unusual way or revealed a character so sharply they’ve leapt up and become corporeal. 40 more words

finding a good home

Every so often I go to the local recycling center

armed with books I no longer want or need.

I walk into the little book shed… 60 more words


in response to zadie smith.

Recently I came across an article written by author Zadie Smith titled, What It Means to Be Addicted to Reading. I highly recommend clicking on the link and reading it in full- it’s excellent! 466 more words


Zadie Smith is My Home Girl

It took four hours of phone calls this morning to switch over all my utilities for my house move next week. But on the bright side, I got some sweet deals like free Showtime, better Internet speed and stuff. 72 more words

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