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The Legend of Korra Book Three Review

The last Airbender for those who haven’t seen the show is an amazing work of art. I wont go too much into the original series because there’s way too much content to cover, but the series has everything you could ever ask for, it has comedy, drama, epic fight scenes, to awesome animation, the series has it all. 925 more words

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Thoughts About Stuff: Book 3 Korra Finale

If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t read this. This will definitely be full of spoilerific discussion.***********************************************************************

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Holy Crap, These Villains. 735 more words


Connor Fanboys: Avatar: Legend of Korra Season 3 Finale


So Tenzin isn’t dead. This is makes me happy. Though as malicious as it makes me sound, I think Tenzin dying would have been amazing from a storytelling and character development point of view. 666 more words



It’s been eighteen hours since I’ve seen Legend of Korra Book 3 Season Finale. The last two episodes took my breath away. Like, seriously. I was stuck on my seat for the whole hour, my eyes glued on the screen of my laptop at 4AM, holding my breath for what seems to be the best of… 796 more words

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Connor Fanboys: Avatar: The Legend of Korra Weeks 6/7

With Legend of Korra no longer on TV, it was about time we killed someone. Well, killed someone blantanly. No Sokka, it wasn’t unclear. The air was being sucked out of her lungs. 399 more words


The Legend of Korra Episode Review: 3x10 "Long Live the Queen"

With only two more episodes of Book 3 left, The Legend of Korra is speeding to a thrilling conclusion. 715 more words


Legend of Korra, S3E10: The Price of Freedom

By Josh Axelrod 

Well that was dark. “Korra” has been known to depict death before, most notably when Tarrlok blew up the boat he and Amon were escaping on in Book One. 698 more words

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