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Today on BOOM’s Big Breakfast Zaheer will address the viral photo he posted on the Boom Radio Facebook page regarding the false belief that the ISIS are associated with the Islamic religion. 48 more words


Fill in a character on iOS

What is the best way to fill in a character on iOS such as this one ⇧. I’d like to keep it a character because it is easily scalable and adaptable to different sizes. 33 more words


Cherish Something

Yesterday, my boyfriend sent me this image he found on Eugene Lee’s tumblr. I died a lot on the inside <3 <3 <3 It’s a breathtaking image, and very thought-provoking.  288 more words

Positive Messages

Chapter 10: Third Time's a Charm

The Legend of Korra

I am tempted to start this particular review of with FINALLY, but I feel as if that might be disingenuous to my appreciation for the last two seasons. 4,243 more words

Staying Tuned

The Legend of Korra Book Three Review

The last Airbender for those who haven’t seen the show is an amazing work of art. I wont go too much into the original series because there’s way too much content to cover, but the series has everything you could ever ask for, it has comedy, drama, epic fight scenes, to awesome animation, the series has it all. 925 more words

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Thoughts About Stuff: Book 3 Korra Finale

If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t read this. This will definitely be full of spoilerific discussion.***********************************************************************

The wallpaper comes from breakthrough-designs.com

Holy Crap, These Villains. 735 more words


Connor Fanboys: Avatar: Legend of Korra Season 3 Finale


So Tenzin isn’t dead. This is makes me happy. Though as malicious as it makes me sound, I think Tenzin dying would have been amazing from a storytelling and character development point of view. 666 more words