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Philippine jihad relies on Saudi zakat

The terrorist organization Abu Sayyaf Group relies mostly on kidnapping for ransom for its revenues. ASG also collects money from extortion and from the collection of zakat according to a March 2014… 381 more words

Terrorist Financing

Engineering a Waqf for Adahi: Awqaf New Zealand

The visiting card said it all. Written on it in bold was “Islamic Economy Award 2013”. I was going to meet a man with a creative mind and lots of dynamism. 834 more words


How to Warn the American Government about Future Terrorist Attacks

Imagine you knew about a future terrorist attack. Imagine one of your neighbors all of a sudden startet stockpiling on fertilizing products, isolating himself, while talking about the benefits of bombing the local FBI headquarters. 1,501 more words


The Big Move, August 2012

During the Spring of 2012 I decided I wanted to move back to London. I needed to be in a more creative and stimulating environment, with much more going on around me. 503 more words

From Zakat Beneficiary (Mustahiq) to Zakat Giver (Muzakki) - 2: The Akhuwat Experiment

When Dr Malcolm Harper, the grand old man of microfinance visited Akhuwat Headquarters at Lahore some years back, I was pleasantly intrigued. I have known Dr Harper since my days at the… 2,573 more words


Jeg, den Allmektige Gud, vil slette ALL din gjeld!!

Jeg er den Allmektige Gud, som jeg allerede har bevist. Men bare fordi at jeg har bevist det vitenskapelig og religiøst, så betyr ikke det at den Norske Loven har vedkjent seg meg som Gud, enda. 259 more words


The Five Pillars Of Islam

Islam has five primary obligations, or pillars of faith, that each Muslim must fulfill in his or her lifetime. These Pillars are:

5 Pillars