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Noone has ever accused Athens of being a beautiful city.  There are way too many cheaply built cement apartment blocks, choking traffic and graffitied walls.  But then again I’ve also never heard anyone accuse Athens of being boring. 467 more words


A Question About Gap Years

It’s raining hard so I’ve sought shelter in a cafe with Greek-dubbed Spongebob on the telly, which is even less sensical than US-English Spongebob. 183 more words



Check out our short video about Zakynthos, with its blue waters and yes we even managed to get the turtle on tape (1.00 min)


Zakynthos, Greece: I went to Zante and did not see the Navagio beach?!

When we decided to go the Zakynthos (Zante), we had never heard of it before. It sounded like this perfect, small, Greece island: perfect for a couples retreat. 908 more words


Goats in the Road...

I can see tourists looking at goats. Goats are good, they are very relaxed and like to walk down the road with you.

Quietly reflecting today about how a) I am never running a contest again, lazy sods and b) it’s almost Halloween, and there is no evidence of it except for an olive tree I saw earlier which was decorated with a pumpkin. 137 more words

Indifferent Ignorance

Fotoblogging Sort Of

So I promised I’d gloat about how wonderful my office is.

That is not my office, that is a view of Zante Town, which is very nice to walk around. 138 more words

Indifferent Ignorance