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Under the microscope with Nick Zammuto

Nick Zammuto is a musical mad scientist disguised as a luddite, living with his family in a wood stove-heated house he built himself in Vermont. He tinkers with new sounds and inventions away from the distractions — and insane rent — of New York. 951 more words


First Listen: Zammuto - Anchor

I guess there is something similar between the August month and a cold winter day off from school where everything is covered in snow. Both have an element of laziness to them mixed with a direct instinct for reflection. 222 more words

First Listen

Album To Check Out: Zammuto - Anchor

Back in 2012, the experimental folk duo, The Books, composed of Nick Zummuto and cellist Paul de Jong quietly disbanded to the disappoint of their cult fanbase. 127 more words

Album To Check Out

Zammuto's new album, "Anchor," now streaming on NPR's First Listen

Anchor, the second album from Zammuto, comes out next Tuesday, Sept. 2nd. But you can hear the whole thing streaming now via NPR’s First Listen… 188 more words

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Zammuto embraces catharsis and destruction in 'IO' video

Maintaining forward momentum in your life means finding ways to resolve problems that don’t always have easy solutions. Sometimes you have to force the issue closed, and sometimes that can require drastic measures. 141 more words


Zammuto gets microscopic in new "Great Equator" video

Nick Zammuto is quite the renaissance man. When the Ex-Books multi-instrumentalist isn’t making music or tinkering on the house he and his wife built, he’s designing… 149 more words

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Zammuto announce tour and new album, "Anchor"

It’s been over two years since ex-Books multi-instrumentalist Nick Zammuto released the eponymous debut album from his new band, Zammuto. For those of you who, like us, have been eagerly waiting for a follow-up, we now have a date to look forward to: Sept. 217 more words

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