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When she is ten times better at it

You’ve seen it happen again and again. Someone throws a fish to a seal, he goes “Ork ork,” catches it in his mouth, swallows it and comes back for another. 579 more words


Box Fort

Rhea likes these shoeboxes with lids and will climb into them and let the top close in on her like a little fort.  If the box is closed, she will shove it around with her nose and paws trying to get it open. 246 more words


Apostles playing shuffleboard

Persuaded by several factors, I decided to sell my Nobel Prize (NOZE).

Factor One: I’d gotten all the glory I was ever going to get from it. 602 more words


Irish in the powder room

At a party last week, I ducked into the powder room because I do unannounced freelance inspections on behalf of one of the bigger gunpowder companies. 612 more words



By Saleem Saim

A merry Andrew, a merry Andrew
A merry Andrew was he
He cut all sorts of jokes
A laughing bag to be… 74 more words

The head of a toad

I’m going to be blunt: no sugar-coating, no waffling, no pancaking, no sausaging, no baconing, no bear clawing. And political correctness be damned. Oh, and no napkinating. 623 more words