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Better warn Buzz

Years ago, when I was a mortal man, I was sent to interview Rickey Henderson on the eve of his breaking the record for stolen bases in a single season. 719 more words


F.A.Q. An abundance of caution

Q. I hear people saying we should take an abundance of cotton. What does that mean?
A. You’re hearing it wrong. It’s an abundance of… 645 more words


A Little of Everything

We did a little of everything today.  Some napping, some lounging, some playing.

Rhea cutting in line before Davout to play with the toy.

Earlier, Davout put his toe hairs on display… 23 more words


Zany Boxer Emmanuel Agustus Fighting For Life!

Former boxer Emmanuel Agustus AKA Emmanuel Burton was shot in the head in his native Louisiana. It has been reported that he is brain dead and police have arrested a 21-year-old suspect. 18 more words

Boxing Hype

Giraffe me

Saw this special about giraffes on the golf channel. In Africa a lot of your golf courses are built on savannas where most giraffes are taught very early in life how to caddy. 637 more words


Replace special character in a String - JAVA

I have to replace a string whit special character like this: XY_Universit�-WWWWW-ZZZZZ in another one like: XY_Universita-WWWWW-ZZZZZ.

I tryed solutions like stringToReplace.replaceAll(".*Universit.*", "Universita"); but it replace all the string with the word ”Universita” and it isn’t what i want. 17 more words