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It takes a worried (i.e., certifiable) man

As I sit on the sun-warmed dock at this vacation lake deep in the North Woods to the north, I struggle with mixed feelings: In a way, I feel as cool as yesterday’s gazpacho, as mellow as wet cement, as laid back as road-kill, (post-rigor mortis). 687 more words


Exciting news: my speaking fee reduced $25k

Please pass this news along to your alleged friends, your imaginary buddies in high places and all those blowhard relatives who say they know somebody who knows somebody who could maybe get you a backstage pass to the next Air Supply concert. 662 more words


Odds, Ends, and Verticals

So the other day, she was vaulting the wall and roaming.  Today she wasn’t willing to go very far from the door in the yard. 347 more words


The Power of Imagination

You can see the lyrics in the video. Please listen–you won’t regret it. Honestly, the beauty of this song has nearly brought me to tears.  202 more words

Walking on the Wild Side

What’s this?  Rhea out in the pool area?

Yup.  She went over the wall again.  Did Davout warn me about this?

No.  Why for?  Well, he was staring at a large dead rabbit.   140 more words


The story in your shorts

It’s been some time since it was okay to write a short story that contained an actual story. Funny how naïve we once were, hanging on every word in a story, wondering what would happen to the cool characters and ultimately saying “Wow what a good story that was.” What simpletons we were. 634 more words

Absurd And/or Zany

Quick idiot check (slow idiots also welcome)

Often you hear the phrase “Stop acting like an idiot,” or “You sound like an idiot,” or “You look like an idiot.” If you’re not an idiot then these phrases serve as friendly warning signs that you may be drifting into idiot real estate and should immediately cease and desist. 589 more words