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FAQ: Mental Health

Q. I have a friend who has been diagnosed with mental health. Is it contagious?
A. You tell me. Recently, scientists put laboratory mice with mental health into a cage with mice who were crazy about bluegrass. 560 more words


Paper Cover

What’s the toy for today?

Davout is showing off his evil genius curled face whiskers…

Help!  I’m drowning in my own fluff!! 70 more words


Magic Wand

The wand toy has magic powers.  It can lure the kittens from whatever corner of the house they are right to you.

And instead of minding their own business the kittens clomp right on top of you looking… 39 more words


Frequently Asked Questions: The schneid

Editor’s note: In the previous post “Those who are on the schneid,” I grievously presumed the term “schneid” was commonly understood among those who commonly understand things. 813 more words


Involuntary Bath

No, not for him…

Rhea had a little accident this morning and got poo all over her back half.  She was running upstairs and down trying to shake it off but no dice. 42 more words


Die Treppe

Immer wieder fange ich diese Diskussion an:
Wie ist denn nun eine Treppe, weit oder lang.
Wenn man unten steht und die Treppe weit nach oben geht, 123 more words


Those who are on the schneid

It has been my experience that there are two kinds of people in this world:
• Those who use their turn signal and those who don’t have to because their mother said so. 656 more words