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Formal Picture Day

Someone always has to be a comedian.

The pictures I liked from Friday’s outside time broke up into the grass eating shots and some nice portraits. 283 more words


The Clown & the Insurance Salesman.

Clown alley is a semi-autonomous state within the larger world of the travelling circus. What goes on in there, who comes to visit, and why a sudden geyser of water might erupt onto innocent heads outside of the alley, are all matters of high policy not usually discussed with the circus management, unless they impact the performance of the show. 843 more words


Knight Running

Just after I wrote my most last post (Taking Control), I was filled with a sort of zany motivation. Sometimes that happens to me, usually after I’ve just interacted with people. 491 more words


I’ve been practicing my photoshop painting skills using humans of ny¬†portraits as inspiration. Here are two.

If you haven’t already, check out the site. He posts portraits with stories daily and is usually the highlight of my instagram feed.

Twists and Turns

It warmed up considerably today and the cats were ready to go outside when I got home.

The youngsters were having some innocent fun when…. 57 more words


Rare indeed...

There is nothing more exceptional, nor more captivating than a beautiful heart!
This is one thing which is absolutely rare.
We all are perfect with imperfections :) 75 more words


Change of scenery!

This dress is the stuff of dreams.

Intricate leaf pattern aside, the open back is damn sexy.

But let’s admire that pattern for a wee second. 37 more words