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Wand Toy

I’ve been a bit lazy about hiding the wand toy this last week as there hasn’t been any sign that the kittens know where it is.   125 more words


Ten years in a fruit salad

Football players who get their bell rung have to pass a concussion test before they are allowed to play again. It’s a difficult test with both a verbal and math component. 694 more words


Up and Away

Somebody is hungry….for feather toy fun!

The game around the box was too boring though so I had to come up with something new.

Davout was lounging, watching… 61 more words


Let's say this is funny

I hate it when a writer starts to explain something and says “Unless you’ve been living on Mars and don’t know that the Boer War is over…” Or “Unless you’ve been living on Mars and don’t know that Vincent Black Lightning is not a reference to a guy named Vincent Black Lightning…” Or “Unless you’ve been living on Mars and don’t know that in the play Hamlet, everybody dies…” 588 more words


The This And That

In the this and that,
Of here and there.
Knowledge of up and down,
Was quick to disappear.

Zaniness dominated,
My speedy brain today.
Others chuckled at my expense, 37 more words


High Efficiency

Davout is so busy these days he needs to increase efficiency.  Here he scratches with three paws, bites the nails close on the fourth….

When the claws are done, there’s still cleaning his coat while still scratching… 6 more words


Zany. Frank. (2014)

Lenny Abrahamson’s Frank introduces Jon Burroughs (played by Domhnall Gleeson) through a uniquely intimate montage where the viewer becomes immersed in the double perspective of watching the world through someone watching the world. 687 more words