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The head scratch thing

I sat at my brilliant idea machine trying to coax a brilliant thought from its keyboard. I had a good one by the ankles, but the little booger was holding on for dear life and I just couldn’t budge it. 641 more words


Snake Toy

Rhea will relax the evening away if there is nothing to do.

But all that goes out the window when the snake toy comes out! 66 more words


Rolling Around

Rhea watching for the undercover mouse to come close in a low-energy way.

But when the camera noise came, she rolled over to see what was up. 52 more words


Under Cover

For fun I draped an old cloth cover I have over the white tree and waited to see what Rhea would do.   She started poking at the cover, but desisted in favor of the camera strap once I came up to take pictures. 122 more words


Two feet from your ear

No matter how good, caring and friendly a doctor is, one still must negotiate the idiotsyncracies of the doctor’s out front peeps. Often they are as caring as the doc. 697 more words


Leveling Up

Not the best picture, because she stopped making crazy eyes at me and turned to the toy.  It does show the white surface on the bottom of all the platforms thought. 235 more words


Playing Together

I brought out Da Bird for the kitties and today Davout decided to take it away with him.

What’s odd about this is that nothing was up where he was looking….the toy was about where the camera is.   74 more words