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Day of Fun

I found to my surprise that Rhea had located the feather teaser toy in its hideaway and had dragged it to the side of the bed.   217 more words


Lazy Day

I didn’t try to allow too much mixing today to give everyone a break.  Rhea and Davout got a little outside time in the afternoon.  Anna did take a little walk up the hallway but retreated when Rhea came by. 94 more words


After only two beers

One day about 40,000 years ago, just after homo-doofus took delivery of a new, sleeker forehead and a lifetime supply of some serious sapiens (Say SOPPY-ends), he heard a knock on his cave. 583 more words


Goofy Goodness at David Burke's Fabrick

Q: Where in Manhattan can you get bacon on a clothesline and a cheesecake lollypop tree?

 A: At the one and only Fabrick by David Burke… 785 more words



More of the same here.  I did have on the television Youtube videos from Big Cat Rescue and Rhea kept swatting at the tails of all the tigers and bobcats. 164 more words


Frequently Asked Questions about T.M.I.

Q. What is T.M.I.?
A. Can you be more specific?

Q. T as in tee, M as in eminem, I as in eye.
A. You mock me. 604 more words


Rainy Day

It was a rainy day today so everyone  was stuck inside.  Whenever Anna’s door was opened Rhea was there peeking inside.  Rhea’s behavior is strange.  She isn’t hostile, but if Anna tries to move away Rhea chases after her.   52 more words