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Mt. Zao part 3 – A final visit

Mt. Byobu, Miyagi Prefecture’s highest peak, lies in the southern half of the Zao mountain range. Although I’d been to the Zao range twice previously, it was time to give Minami Zao some attention. 2,045 more words


Tox-Free to The MAX: Nail Polish Battle: Zao | Tromborg | Korres

It’s the season of gloves! Isn’t wearing nail polish in winter like wearing sexy secret jewellery? And as usual, I’m making sure that my picks are tox-free to the max. 1,043 more words


Gust - Gust (Review)

Gust are from Sweden and play Hardcore. This is their second album.

This is violent and angry Hardcore that goes straight for the throat but isn’t afraid to do so in different ways. 197 more words


Conspiracy theory

The recent spike in volcanic activity throughout Japan could be attributable to a surprising culprit. In order to better understand these increased occurrences and their possible connections, further investigation is necessary. 886 more words


Bettyœtker - Barricades (Review)

Bettyœtker are from Germany and play Hardcore.

I have to say I like the cover, so that’s a good start.

The music itself is well recorded with a sound that accentuates the emotive nature of the band. 177 more words