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Ultimate Pokemon The Movie 2000/Godzilla Mash Up Trailer HD

The Ultimate Pokemon The Movie 2000 / Godzilla 2014 Mash-Up Fan Made Trailer.

Made & Edited By Jason Schwab.

Twitch Plays Pokemon - Crystal

Bom dia galera! Hoje o dia está com cara de chuva. Ou seja: perfeito para ficar na internet! Ou não! hahaha

Vocês lembram do post… 820 more words


Intermezzo : UPDATE, TPP Crystal

WE DID IT GUYS, for about 13days 02 hours and 02 minutes, we finally beat Red.

Surprisingly, Red is using THE team we’ve trained in Pokemon Red :O :O… 99 more words


Legendary Birds

Hey ppl, how’s it going? I’m officially on spring break, so that means more posts. Hopefully, I don’t get too lazy this time lol. This time around I wanted to talk about the capture of legendary Pokémon, specifically the 3 legendary birds. 286 more words


The Power of Teamwork

Remember Twitch Plays Pokémon? Well, it’s over now, or at least that particular game is. How can it be over, you might intelligently ask? Well, here’s the absolutely phenomenally astonishing thing: A group of up to a hundred thousand people, some of whom were deliberately trying to derail the attempt and all of whom were trying to deal with the effects of lag and the varied ways of accomplishing different tasks, actually managed to complete Pokémon Red. 1,262 more words


"Twitch Plays Pokemon:" The Zapdos Conundrum

On Saturday night, Twitch Plays Pokemon accomplished the near-impossible: the stream worked together long enough to catch a Zapdos.

The group’s reaction (and my own) was tremendous. 862 more words

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