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Neil Keenan Update | Our Cattleman Bundy, US Blunders in Ukraine, Suicided Banksters, & Swissindo Shenanigans

The Keenan Team

1.  Cattle Rancher Bundy Knows How To Treat FED Over-Reaching

After the FEDs arrested one of his sons, literally grinding his face into gravel with their boots on his neck and head, they threw down Bundy’s 57 year old cancer-survivor sister who was peacefully protesting these FED goons, ruffing up her knees and hands.  2,038 more words


Doc Marquis: The Illuminati Frontmen

‘These men pull the strings and we dance’!

Doc Marquis boldly outlines the real ‘movers and shakers’ of the Illuminati, those organizations most responsible for driving us all into the global dictatorship, the New World Order. 160 more words

New World Order

Obama’s Former Foreign Policy Adviser Said – In 1997 – that the U.S. Had to Gain Control of Ukraine

Neoconservatives planned regime change throughout the Middle East and North Africa 20 years ago. Robert Parry correctly points out that the Neocons have successfully “weathered the storm” of disdain after their Iraq war fiasco. 101 more words


Ukraine Joseph P Farrell's take NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM MARCH 13 2014

“Joseph comments very briefly on the disappearance of Malaysia Air Flight 370 at the beginning of this News and Views, then turns his attentions to the recent remarks of two former high-ranking federal officials, Zbigniew Brzezinski of the Carter Administration, and Dr. 55 more words


Slave Labor Camps Are Next | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Slave Labor Camps Are Next

March 13, 2014 – Featured, Main, Martial Law – Tagged: dave hodges, executive order 13603, fema camps, martial law, ndaa, obama, putin, slave labor camps, syria, the common sense show, ukraine, … 885 more words