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Slow Learning

So it’s been three weeks since my last post here, which is a little mind boggling, because this model still isn’t finished! Asides from just from feeling quite low due to my current joblessness, my progress has been hampered somewhat by my own rubbish workflow. 277 more words

Roger from American Dad - Rogers McFreely

Aaand onto no 3!  I just got my sticky paws on the Marmoset Toolbag 2 demo, so am attempting to actually do presentation pics of at least 4 models that are finished and simply awaiting a bit of glamor… perhaps by this weekend.

3d Modelling

Using ZRemesher

What is it and why use it?

Often when you are buidling a 3D mesh, you meet area’s where the edges of the polygons do not follow the edge you want to have. 1,490 more words


Post-apocalyptic character 09

One more up. Steill fine tuning color lights and detailing more parts of the model.

Personal Works