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High poly done, low poly base model done.  Now on to the first costume change!

3d Modelling

A few characters from The Simpsons

I did these to celebrate the #everysimpsonsever marathon that went on on FXX. I had a blast doing these, and they were indeed challenging. This helped me improve even more in learning the importance of evaluating references, all too important in translating a 2D image into a 3D sculpt. 26 more words

Digital Sculpting

Just started to play with Marmoset Toolbag 2 in my free time and decided to re-visit one of my super old projects and give it a try. 30 more words

3D character update

Hey, here you have an update picture from my character.

Some fine polishing have to be done.



Roger from American Dad

Next project! (I still need to do a final presentation of the Ghostbusters scene, it has been a busy weekend).

Because I love the show.  And because it is a good excuse to create a ton of props for a character that likes costume changes.  25 more words

3d Modelling

carnivorous creature – 02

as the creature is quite complex, i need proper masking tools, which blender does not offer. so i switched to zbrush, made a zremesher retopo and created polygroups for easy hiding parts of the mesh by a single click: (and, of course, i was not looking forward to do a hand retopo in blender on that sculpture ;-)) 55 more words