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ZDNet - Forensic Scientist Identifies Suspicious 'Back Doors' Running On Every iOS Device - 24 July 2014


By Jason D. O’Grady

Summary: During his talk at HOPE/X Jonathan Zdziarski detailed several undocumented services (with names like ‘lockdownd,’ ‘pcapd,’ ‘mobile.file_relay,’ and ‘house_arrest’) that run in the background on over 600 million iOS devices. 12 more words


Verizon vs Netflix : la bataille autour du peering fait rage (ZDNet)

Netflix et sa forte croissance sur le marché américain a soulevé de nombreux débats autour des questions d’interconnexion entre opérateurs et fournisseur…

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Adrian Kingsley-Hughes misses the point on Windows Phone

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes at ZDNet attempts to explain Windows Phone’s tiny market share…

Why Windows Phone is barely making a dent in the market

…and misses the single most important reason. 451 more words


La France, le pays aux 434 services de vidéo à la demande (ZDNet)

La France n’est donc pas que le pays aux 1.000 fromages. C’est aussi le deuxième pays d’Europe à avoir le plus grand nombre de services de vidéo à la demande, les fameux SMAD (Services Médias Audiovisuels à la Demande)…

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Streaming : Google s'offre Songza (ZDNet)

Le moteur de recherche met la main sur les technologies de recommandation humaines de Songza afin d’améliorer son service Play Music.

Nouvelle manoeuvre dans le domaine de la musique en streaming. 11 more words

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After the Aereo decision: The future of Internet TV - ZDNet

I see the media companies, which work arm-in-arm with cable companies, doing their best to slow down Netflix. The one online video network that does have big media company support, Hulu, has had a revolving door in its executive suite as its owners — including News Corp., Walt Disney Studios, and NBC — seem unable to decide what they want to with the service. 9 more words

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Five things you need to know about mobile and the Middle East

@ZDNet tells us the 5 things you should know about #mobile and the Middle East http://t.co/pi2iGhKYw4

— CENTRI Technology (@centritech) March 10, 2014

5 things you need to know about…

673 more words
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