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Nuggets - Running to Christ

Running to Christ
“The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.” (Proverbs 18:10)

When one realizes that he is lost and that only Christ can save him, he should not delay a moment but come immediately to Christ. 288 more words


All of us are Hungry.. are we not?

Are we? Are all of us hungry?? The hunger might be different.. but probably, all of us are hungry!

Lazy bums (like me) are hungry for food; An actor is hungry for recognition; Student is hungry for marks; Sportsman is hungry for the podium finish. 252 more words

Docsets for Zeal

Zeal can download all the docsets that are shared by Dash. However, docsets for many libraries are not yet available through Dash. Thankfully, many folks on the internet have created docsets for most of such libraries. 22 more words

How to add a docset to Zeal

Zeal can add docsets shared by Dash automatically over the internet. You can do this using Edit > Options > Docsets > Download.

Sometimes, you may need a docset for a library that has not yet been added by Dash. 57 more words


Galloping horses vie with each other. A zealous community encourages individual zeal.

~ St. John Climacus


The Word is Powerful (Discerns Motives)

Disciples change the world, not the followers. And without commitment, there is no growth and the followers would not get the reward given to the disciples. 374 more words

Sunday Service

Filling My Life With Zest

Zest, Dictionary defines it as- Great enthusiasm and energy
But like love means different to everyone, friendship holds a different dimension for each person; similarly ZEST is a multidimensional word. 500 more words