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In which John Adams complains of having too much zeal

Tonight, I’ve been watching the State of the Union message. You might as well know now, because for all I know, it affects which parts of the Founding Fathers letters I find most affecting, I am what’s known in our country as ultra-liberal, socialist even. 302 more words

Zeal: Part 1 - My Epiphany Journey Begins

This Sunday, I visited the FANTABULOUS Plainsboro Presbyterian Church (the church I was a member of before my ordination) and got to catch up with the ever-amazing Rev. 625 more words

It's easy; be determined!

Work on your negatives and focus on the positives.

Jesus is not

As the number of Christian churches pops out anywhere like mushrooms and there is such a high level of percentage of  counterfeits among them, but it doesn’t mean that because there are a lot of fake diamonds no genuine diamonds exist..There are! 533 more words


Not in a Position to be a Missionary? You’re Probably F**ked.

Had you been born a hundred years ago, do you think you would have been a missionary? I would have been, I think.

I was a poor kid, by Canadian standards, and bright. 176 more words

Sterling Lynch

Don't Lose That Spark

There are things and people that annoy us, that try to weaken us and that demand a reaction from us only to use it against us. 698 more words


1/15/15 Morning Musing: I Don't Want a Make-Over...I Want to Actually Be What I Present to the World!

“The floor looks like it is covered in blue jewels Mama!!!!” little Caleb came running out of the bathroom of our hotel room excitedly. “And I want to go down to that huge hot tub!” Michaela said hopping up and down and grabbing her swim suit from our overnight bag. 1,133 more words