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How Zebras got their stripes; 14-Apr-2014

When is it more difficult to answer a puzzling question? Is it so when you can find no answers? Or, is it the case when you may have multiple competing theories but none seem to answer the question satisfactorily? 45 more words

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Zebra Stripes and All the News That Isn't


The bad news–had to rake up piles of still frozen leaves. The good news–the rake broke.

Told ‘em Wintersconsin was a lousy tourism idea. 496 more words

How the zebra earned its stripes

Zebras have stripes to deter the tsetse and other blood-sucking flies, according to a fresh bid to settle a debate that has raged among biologists for over 140 years. 389 more words


False Nail Set - Time For Zebra

I feel like I have posted a lot of leopard designs so far but not one has been zebra print! It’s only one of those super popular and timeless prints, just like leopard lol. 51 more words

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