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Laundering your nanoparticle-coated socks: dangerous to fish?

Your expensive new workout socks may be toxic—at least, if you are a tiny fish* downstream from the washing machines used to wash those socks! … 335 more words

Schwann cells and DCC guide regenerating axons towards their original path

In contrast to the central nervous system the axons of peripheral nerves are able to regenerate in many vertebrates, including mammals. How this regeneration is achieved and the cellular processes involved have been described in many studies. 779 more words


CIRM Scientists Discover Key to Blood Cells’ Building Blocks

Our bodies generate new blood cells—both red and white blood cells—each and every day. But reproducing that feat in a petri dish has proven far more difficult. 435 more words


Zebrafish – an ideal model for morphogenesis analysis

In a recent study, Xiong F. et al. have developed a robust Zebrafish-based model allowing the analysis of the impact of cell shape and division orientation on epithelial development.  138 more words


Useful tip for better zebrafish whole-mount IHC staining

The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a common vertebrate model organism in scientific research for studying vertebrate development, gene function, and regenerative abilities. Interestingly, this convenient model is compatible with large-scale genetic analysis for developmental & regenerative biology, oncology, environment & toxicology, neurobiology… 291 more words

Supplying Discovery Tools

High-speed drug screening

October 11, 2014

MIT engineers have devised a way to rapidly test hundreds of different drug-delivery vehicles in living animals, making it easier to discover promising new ways to deliver a class of drugs called biologics, which includes antibodies, peptides, RNA, and DNA, to human patients. 824 more words


China announces breakthrough in zebrafish gene study

Zebrafish.    Photo – Internet

China announces


in zebrafish gene study

By Li  Laifang and Huang Yan

All 1,333 genes on Chromosome 1 of the zebrafish, which has 85 percent genetic similarity to human beings, have been knocked out by a team of Chinese scientists. 175 more words