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A dual mode of heart regeneration in zebrafish

Mammals cannot regenerate their hearts despite that some studies have reported that newborn mice can regenerate the heart apex if it is amputated during their first days of life. 712 more words


Big Science News in Calgary: BPS Impacts Zebrafish Brains

Big science news out of the University of Calgary: researchers have found that BPS impacts brain behaviour in zebrafish! You may have seen it in the new this week: it made it on… 871 more words

In living color: new imaging technique tracks traveling stem cells

Before blood stem cells can mature, before they can grow and multiply into the red blood cells that feed our organs, or the white blood cells that protect us from pathogens, they must go on a journey. 517 more words


A bacterial clock

This post is really just an update to the last one, on our recent paper on watching the growth of gut bacterial communities, but I thought I’d post separately that I just learned that we made… 154 more words


Jenna Galloway: Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine in Orthopaedics

Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine in Orthopaedics

Jenna Galloway, PhD
Musculoskeletal Genetics & Regenerative Biology
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Grand Rounds presented on May 15, 2014 at the… 130 more words

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Glimpses of Gut Microbes

(I wrote a shorter version of this post for the META Center blog, here.)

A large fraction of my research group’s efforts are devoted to understanding the structure and dynamics of gut microbial communities — the multitude of microbes that we, like all animals, house in our digestive tracts. 621 more words