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Reusable rockets: Up and down and up again

A while back I highlighted SpaceX’s reusable first stage.  Last week, they launched with it with the plan to have it do a controlled descent into the waters off Cape Canaveral.   451 more words


The Fusion Game

So you’ve always wanted to know how stars work? Fe lets you fuse your way to stellar oblivion, and it’s free! What more could you want? 72 more words


SMBC: The evil mathematical universe

A slightly different point of view on the mathematical universe, as only Zach Weiner can deliver.  (Click through to see the full sized version.)

via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.


Die heutige sie

Sie hat in ihrem früherem Leben zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit bekommen, interessiert sich mehr für ihr Aussehen als für ihren Geist, hält ihre Brötchen in die Frontcam des Iphones und profiliert sich über Likes und Favs. 1,034 more words

Max Tegmark posts his chapter on cosmic inflation online

If you enjoyed my write up on Tegmark’s Level II multiverse, you might enjoy this guest post that he makes on Sean Carroll’s blog, which includes a link to the chapter on inflation from his book, including those visual aids I referenced! 110 more words


The Bliss of Humanity: migration, family and being normal

This was a portfolio piece written for PWP210 – Writing the Zeitgeist, Curtin University. The aim was to present a personal essay that reflected a theme from our personal Zeitgeist. 1,478 more words


TZM Philly/PA Officially Rebooted

Help Wanted, will train: sincere desire to change the world required.

It’s official: The Zeitgeist Movement Pennsylvania Chapter has been rebooted in Philadelphia.

To understand what we advocate best, please download the free orientation guide here: 82 more words